More Info On The Witcher 3 Second Playable Character; Dev: Game Won't Disappoint

CD Projekt RED reveals more information on the second playable character in The Witcher 3 while promising that the game won't disappoint fans.

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Imp0ssibl31104d ago

So it's not just a brief thing with this second character, I wonder if he/she will have progression as well

boskoz1104d ago

I wasn't aware of this aspect of the game! Second character? I am intrigued!

Alexious1104d ago

Yeah, though I'm conflicted as this was supposed to be Geralt's last adventure. Spending significant time with another character could kinda ruin that feeling.

b_one1104d ago

it will be story driven switch of characters, Yennefer is to important for Geralt to be marginalised, also in books, she is somekind last person he see before he dies(as some say, some other argue)

Roccetarius1104d ago

If it's the character people think it is, then i don't think it'll ruin the feeling much. We don't know the events of what will happen yet, so i think it's best to take a wait and see approach.

Roccetarius1104d ago

Hmm, so the playtime as this other character will be more significant. That's interesting to hear.

Braid1104d ago

Of course it won't. These guys do deliver.

Imp0ssibl31104d ago

The first two games had plenty of bugs at launch which were addressed with the Enhanced Editions, but console players aren't as accommodating as PC players. With this game being an open world, they clearly wanted more time to polish everything.

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