Zelda U - GamePad Map Analysis

An in-depth look at the map shown in The Game Awards Zelda demonstration.

The article covers common LOZ locations, world size, similarities to previous games and other points of interest.

A full summary can be found at the bottom of the article.

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kwandar1016d ago

Great analysis ... that map is HUGE :) Can't wait!!

1015d ago
KrisButtar1016d ago

That map certainly seems big but hows it compare to other open world games.

MurDocINC1016d ago

Size doesn't matter, it's how they use it.

wonderfulmonkeyman1016d ago (Edited 1016d ago )

That's what sheeee saaaaaaid~~~! *Eyebrow waggle*

1015d ago Replies(1)
MurDocINC1016d ago

It's huge, just hope it has lots of interesting locations with interesting characters.

eaise1016d ago

I might be wrong but didn't they say that the whole map wasn't shown. I recall one of them saying "and this isn't even all of it" after they fully zoomed out on the map.

3-4-51016d ago (Edited 1016d ago )


What we are calling "Huge", isn't even the full map yet.

I dope everybody understands this.

Unless of course that was a translation error.

1015d ago
MNGamer-N1016d ago

I think this one might take a while to play through all the way.

Moonman1016d ago

I am going to take my precious time going everywhere and taking it all in. :)

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The story is too old to be commented.