Pocket Gamer Uk reviews 1 vs 100

Jon Mundy reports:

''Every Saturday evening millions of Brits tune in to the lottery program on BBC1, hoping against all hope that tonight's going to be their night. It could - just could - be the occasion that they win 10 squillion pounds and need never again turn in another day of soul-crushing service to their obnoxious boss. To lessen the inevitable disappointment, they're shown another poor chump having his hopes dashed in a gruelling game show format.

It's called 1 vs 100, and it joins the likes of Golden Balls and Deal Or No Deal in the sadistic carrot-dangling game show category. Also in common with those games, Gameloft has produced a mobile game to accompany the show.

As a concept it bears much resemblance to Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, but with three nasty twists. Firstly, rather than calling on the support of a bunch of onlookers, contestants play against them. 100 of them, in case you hadn't figured it out.''

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