VR vs. Project Morpheus in 2014

VRFocus - When 2014 started out it was set to be an exciting year for the virtual reality (VR) industry. Fans were hoping that Oculus VR would soon be revealing its next iteration of the Oculus Rift head-mounted display, with some even hoping for a consumer release around this time. But the year also held one of the biggest surprises so far for this young industry. Just months after the launch of its PlayStation 4 in 2013, Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) revealed that it was developing its own HMD in Project Morpheus.

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S2Killinit1227d ago

Aaaaaahh its going to be great. I would stand in line for this. And i dont stand in lines.

MCTJim1227d ago

I dont think VR is ready for main stream consoles. The reason behind my thinking is that you need to deliver a solid product that is not gimmicky or requires you to buy additional add ons that inflate the cost at a decent price, that the average consumer would spend their money on. As it stands now, you would need Morpheus(rumored to be $199+) The Playstation Eye($50) and 2 move controllers combined $100) Selling me something that costs just as much as the system is not going to make me want to purchase it. So if you purchase one game add $60 on average. Now you have an add on that requires add ons and now it costs the same if not more than my original system purchase.

I would love VR to come to my console, but from a marketing perspective, its not going to go over well with consumers. Companies cant compete and profit from those few that are the must have the new tech that comes out. Affordability in the consumers eyes is the only thing that is going to sell the product. VR is still in its infancy and as a consumer, though it looks cool, I would not purchase it based on what has been shown.

WeAreLegion1227d ago

I assure you they will sell Morpheus with the PlayStation Camera and Move controllers in a bundle. No extra purchase necessary.

MCTJim1227d ago

Assuring me is all fine, but do you think that the avg consumer is going to purchase Morpheus for the PS4 at $400+ price tag? I sure wouldn't but that is me. Let us hope they package it at $200 for all. if not, then I fear that, only the must haves will purchase it.

WeAreLegion1227d ago

It won't be $400. Sony will sell it at a loss. I guarantee it. I'm sure they have millions of Move controllers just chilling. I'm betting on a $200 - $300 price tag. That's what Oculus is targeting, as well.

medman1227d ago

Why does it have to be vs. anything? They compete is separate markets. If they both turn out to be quality, they will both sell. I know I would certainly give both my dollars if they prove worthy.

Si-Fly1227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

Well the Rift has already become an integral part of my PC gaming, I hope the Morpheus will do the same for PS4.

This year has been amazing, iRacing, Elite Dangerous and Alien Isolation are pretty much the only titles I've spent any serious time on, and they are all wonderful in VR. I ditched my triple 3d vision screens and solely use the DK2 for racing sims now, never going back to monitors!

Can't wait for the CV1 to be released by Oculus and also looking forward to seeing what Sony and other companies have up their sleeve... Good times :D

ibrake4naps1225d ago

Man. Got me even more hyped for vr! I wanna play games like everyone's gone to the rapture on this thing!

ibrake4naps1225d ago

Will prolly be a good way to watch my 3d bluray collection on without ghosting!