Gravity Rush Director Gives Update On Their New Game

GearNuke: "Gravity Rush 2 development update given by the game director."

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PoSTedUP1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

i just whant this game D:

they should give more frequent details and updates to keep us excited, its been like.. years, since that teaser trailer.

nidhogg1321d ago

CAN'T WAIIIT!! I hope they release this the same day as the japanese release.

Inception1321d ago

I think next year we will have more info and maybe release date for Gravity Rush 2. But why i got the feeling Keichiro Toyama also working on other games beside Gravity Rush 2...

HentaiMasterRace1321d ago

Hopefully those rumors are not true about it being on PS4. Vita needs it's exclusives.

bangoskank1321d ago

Screw Vita. I sold mine because it is only good for playing PS1 classics on. Gravity Rush remaster and sequel on PS4 please.

PoSTedUP1321d ago

funny, im playing Alundra as we speak on my vita. but thats not all its good for, imo. i need not even explain. <3 my vita.

bangoskank1321d ago

Please do explain. What else are you playing on it?
By saying that you're playing Alundra you pretty much proved me right.

PoSTedUP1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

killzone mercs, LBPvita (best LBP with front and rear touch pad controls, very sweet), P4G is a must have, still go back to virtua tennis sometimes. had N4Smw, sold it, now got it free from EA (great port). borderlands2 on the go, first time getting into minecraft, bought akibas trip a few months back, atelier totori was good, didnt beat but want to so i can play Meruru and Rorona, played beat n sold assassins creed Lib, unchartedGA i beat 3 times, hots shots golf i liked, there are lots of games for vita, lots of ports, lots i havent played yet (like YS and freedom wars, sword art etc.).

and no i didnt prove your point, i play a lot of games, a lot of retro, lots PSP, i have saints rowIV and infamous2 on standby on PS now, as well as just DLed like 10 ps1 games (focusing on retro atm), was playing my ps2 a few months ago (scarface, and some paintball game i picked up).

bangoskank1321d ago

Wow, that's quite an impressive lineup.

Protagonist1321d ago


You contradicted youself so many times, just sit down man, next year you probably sold your PS4 too.

ajkula1321d ago

The dude sold his vita cause there are no games and he begs for vita games ports on ps4??? What the,,,,?

SegaSaturn6691321d ago

I have 2 vitas, i play spelunky with 3 people, one on ps4. Insanely fun cross multiplayer.

PoSTedUP1321d ago

splunky huh?hmm, i always pass it by on psn. didnt know it was online either. maybe ill check it out soon.

bangoskank1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )


How did I contradict myself? I actually liked Gravity Rush a lot but couldn't stand playing it on the Vita. It's a great IP and I think it deserves a home on the PS4 where it might sell better and the devs can also utilize the tech to make a better game.

Why the hell would I sell my ps4 when I have Uncharted 4, Bloodborne, Order 1886, The Witcher III, FFXIV, eventually The Last Guardian, etc. to look forward to? Vita has sh!t. Unlike you I could no longer live in denial. But, hey, whatever floats your boat, dude.

I was being sarcastic when I said that was an impressive lineup. Glad you're having fun.

pivotplease1320d ago

LBP Vita, Tearaway, Uncharted, Killzone, Soul Sacrifice, Gravity Rush, P4G, Ys, Freedom Wars, Disgaea 3/4, and Wipeout. All great exclusives. That's without getting into my extensive list of ps1 classics, psp games, and games/remasters that are also available on PS3 (who doesn't want games like FFX, MGS2/3, Pixel Junk Monsters, Guacamelee, and Fez on the go?). It's true there hasn't been a groundbreaking amount of exclusives, but it's only three years old and freebies on ps plus, BC, Cross buys/plays, and Remote Play really help to flesh out this minor drawback.

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PoSTedUP1321d ago

vita needs its exclusives to sell more hardware, more hardware sold= more support. i agree, keep it exclusive. sadly sony prob. sees more benifit if they brought it to ps4. i want vita to succeed more tho, ps4 is already a success.

bangoskank1321d ago

Yeah, but Gravity Rush had it's chance on the Vita and didn't do very well. I though you said that the Vita is not just good for playing classics. Where are all these great exclusives that are supposed to be selling the system?

PoSTedUP1321d ago

gravity rush did what it had to do, it was a new IP, and pushed it as much as it could. it was great.

and yeah, it Needs more exclusives to push the system (i.e. GR2).

Travis37081321d ago

Forget what bangosKanaK is talking about. But we do need Gravity Rush 2 on PS4 tho. It needs to sell well, I would hate to see this amazing game not sell good, so that's the reason this vita title needs to come to PS4.

And the Vita is awesome and it has some amazing exclusives. But were all afraid that no one will buy the games.

PoSTedUP1321d ago

that i agree. its an amazing game that deserves the sales. i think it will sell ok if its what its cracked up to be, specially with how many vitas are now sold. if it flops, port it to ps4. the vita needs a socom with a good online, hopefully slant six is working on one. man they were smoking some **** when they let zipper make socom4 and unit 13. i feel like i just wanna be at sony corp. telling people what not to do, most of this **** is common sense.

keymmido1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

This isn't an update at all. The article even mentions "earlier this year". Old news.

Hopefully it shows up at Jump Festa though.

Just saw the link to the Japanese site. Nevermind. Hopefully that can be translated and added to the article.

ragincajun771321d ago

Here is google's terrible translation:

Gravity Days" director , Toyama Keiichiro Mr. "New is intensive in production."

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