New Resistance 2 trailer

Insomniac Games published a new Resistance 2 trailer. Enjoy.


Sorry, Sony asked to withdraw the video.

You can see the trailer here:

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HighDefinition3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

R2 is in it`s what.....8-9 month of development.

Insomniac sh!ts on the theory that the PS3 is hard to develop for.

Condoleezza Rice3819d ago

Insomniac takes a dump on all the untalented devs that can not write code for the Playstation 3.

I think Sony should start a class across the major Tech Colleges,called "CELL 101;For all the lazy ones".

Time Lord3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

My guess is they started working on it when they finished R1, plus they already have the engine up and running. but releasing 3 AAA titles in 3 consecutive years is some achievement.


That was really poor trailer, I was hoping for some gameplay footage. oh well.

HighDefinition3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

Should be the name of Team Ico`s next game.


That`s what I`m saying.

I`m fairly sure when Ted Price first unveiled it they said it was 6 months into development.

NO_PUDding3819d ago

Well Insomniac is special.

The longer Sony can hold out from buying them the better, becuase as soon as they get bought, it will be all screwed up for them. Unless Sony can preserve some key factor's.

Anyway, they must be really itchign to release stuff, christ, they couldn't wait just 12 days?

HighDefinition3819d ago


Just reported this as LAME, reporting it as LAME is LAME.


Condoleezza Rice3819d ago

I assume you meant bought by another company other than Sony,because Naughty Dog is doing just fine.

kazuma3819d ago

they should buy insomniac, but really just for the whole first party purpose, give them total creative freedom so they could make the games they want when they want.

NO_PUDding3819d ago

Yes I do mean Sony buying them would screw them up.

Don't get me wrong, Microsoft would do an even worse job, but Insomniac being there own bosses makes most sense.

Anyway, holy crap the water on this looks epic!!!

Lifendz3819d ago

say the graphics aren't this or it's too generic. Me, I loved R1 (granted the pickings were slim back then but it was quality for me to keep playing it) and I can't wait for R2.

Graphics are a major improvement and I'm sure they've utlized the extra time to make an even better game.

PSN: Lifendz

looking forward to pwnsaucing you guys.

callahan093819d ago

Wow! Game looks bloody awesome.

Don't flame me for being a terrible person, people, but this game looks like it'll be hard! I thought R1 was a challenge on normal difficulty. Haha. I suppose I suck.

hazeblaze3819d ago

I don't understand why they're so far ahead the rest of the pack... but [email protected], that game looks hot!!! Personally, I appreciated the gameplay graphics that we'd already seen... they did look better than Bioshock's from last year, and I thought that was a beautiful game. But if they get the gameplay graphics to look close to those cinematic graphics, then I think I'll end up prefering this to Gears 2 this winter!!! (I'm speaking in the gfx department, R2 already has the better features in gameplay imo.)

solidt123819d ago

R2 is going to kick every other shooters butt this holiday. PS3 FTW

Tarasque3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

Well first off it has been in dev for close to 15 month's, full crew. Actually i think it has been in dev longer they had been working on 2 before the first one was complete.

And did anyone else think it was going to show the clown from saw? Sounded just like him.

Didn't like the first one at all, so i hope they change alot of thing's.

cmrbe3819d ago

Sony should not buy Insomniac. Why buy them if they have a great relationship and Insomniac are developing for their platform exclusively?. I firmly believe this is they reason why Insomniac and Sony has a great relationship. Sony don't put pressure on them or try to butt in to their decision making but rather support them completely with what they want to do. Ted said so many times they love their current state as a small focused and independent dev team with a passion for creating quality titles over quantity. Its amazing though that they are not only producing quality but also quantity. Ted is truly one of the most remarkable person in the gaming industry and i believe its his guidance which sees Insomniac produce results we are seeing.

NO_PUDding3819d ago

You know I was saying that don't you?

I said they should AVOID buying Insomniac for as logn as they can, look at my posts. Are you agreeing, or did you not read my posts?

Anyway, someone discuss the water effects with me!! Holy Christ, that thing burstign throguh the wall with the water pouring out, it looks superb!!! Suddenly my excitement for this game has gone from sub-nil to 1.

Chris Bosh3818d ago

graphics i am concerned about.
There not great.
Geow will own it, but killzone2 and mgs4 own both of them in the graphics departmnet.

Bubble Buddy3803d ago

Ted Price is an amazing person. He talks fluidly and clearly. Insomniac is amazing developers :).

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Condoleezza Rice3819d ago (Edited 3819d ago )

Let's see what we have here...

EDIT:Looking AMAZING as usual!!

I LOVE my xbox3819d ago

Of course it looks amazing, its RESISTANCE 2 from INSOMNIAC for PS3.

crillyconlig3819d ago

the start of the trailer looks alot more polished, narrator is interesting, enemies point of view but i also think its a mesage from insomniac 'you havnt seen what we are truely capable of', also looks like theres a big twist in the storey too.