Next DriveClub Tour DLC will 'heavily feature weather'

DriveClub's new dynamic weather isn't compatible with existing single-player campaign events, but it will be put to good use in two new DLC packs due later this month, Evolution Studios has revealed.

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Cindy-rella1315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

I played driveclub with the recent weather update and it looks absolutely amazing. I think its the best looking game on next gen consoles and i cant even imagine what gran turismo 7 will l9ok like.

MysticStrummer1314d ago

Yeah I see people talk about the best looking games so far and they rarely mention Driveclub unless the conversation is about racing games only. The visuals, especially the lighting, are outstanding. It was that way before weather was added and it's even more so now.

ThePresentIsAgift1313d ago

The Halo MCC collection spanned games from 2 generations of prior hardware developed by several studios in collaboration. It was and still is the most ambitious realisation of a HD collection. Drive club is one game on one platform developed by one studio, I do not personally see its technical shortcomings as comparable.