PS 12 Deals of Christmas – today’s Destiny “deals” are pretty bad, we’ve got some alternatives

Dealspwn: "When is a deal not a deal? When you're charging £35 for a game that's fallen down to £30 in the past, that's when. The trouble is, retailers have been hiking the price of Destiny back up above £40 in anticipation of the new content drop."

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Mcardle1350d ago

I noticed Zavvi did a lot of this to make their Black Friday deals seem alot better than they really were.

FuzzyPixels1349d ago

It's pretty common amongst many retailers, sadly.

iistuii1350d ago

Digital games are a complete rip off. No case,, no disk, no booklet, yet £10-£20 more expensive than a physical copy at an online store..

FuzzyPixels1349d ago

All done to appease retail partners in the console market. A healthy retail sector is good for the industry, but change is coming. Restrictions and anti-consumer practices won't survive. Look at every other entertainment medium -- the change has followed consumer convenience. Companies have to be smarter -- there are great opportunities in the digital marketplaces, but no-one's taking full advantage of them yet. EA Access is a sign of things to come, mind.

Tapani1349d ago

I prefer digital copies over physical, because I travel a lot. The bigger reason to buy full-priced digital games at launch, however, is to give more money for the developers. Digital copies also preserves nature.

Retailers are creating their own market with used games. They are ripping off the game makers. If developers would get a small cut from what they make, it would be fair.

All in all, I think the system is rigged. But with all the choices, I'd rather keep nature intact, keep a huge digital games library, travel light, and give devs what they should get from retailers.