Got a US PSN account? Get The Last of Us: Remastered for $19.49, LittleBigPlanet 3 for $36.49

Dealspwn: "GameDealDaily are running a couple of cheap PSN deals right now that are perfect for anyone with a US PSN account."

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Klonoa-dreamtraveler1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

last of us remastered $19.49? thats a good deal wish that price was around when i got it.

Summons751349d ago

Wow, if anyone misses this opportunity they are pretty much a moron.

Neonridr1349d ago

or they already own the games.. ;)

superchiller1349d ago

Can't believe N4G and dealtroll are promoting gamedealdaily, it has a very bad rep in the community. GDD actually sold a bunch if Minecraft codes that were later revoked by Mojang (codes bought with stolen CCs), not a reputable seller at all.

ctorretta1348d ago

Got a link to that story? Just curious, cuz I've never heard of GDD before now. Those deals are great, but I'm suspicious of some no-name site selling any PSN codes... I mean it's not like Sony is going to give them special deals, so how do they swing it?

superchiller1348d ago

It's easy to check them out at websites like resellerratings (where they have a terrible rating):


Read the reviews there, and decide whether you want to deal with them or not.

S2Killinit1349d ago

Whaaaaaaa that dirt cheap

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