Splatoon Developers Continue to Paint a Picture of Progress

Nintendo lIfe - A few weeks ago we shared a summary of Twitter posts from the Splatoon development team, with some details and screens being released through these quirky tweets. These images and details have continued since, and with the most recent upload being particularly eye-catching we thought it was high-time that we summarised some more intriguing posts around the upcoming Wii U title — translations are courtesy of a long-running summary thread on NeoGaf.

First up are some details on ink colours changing between battles, with a look at the effect across multiple shots of an arena.

Report from the Squid Research Lab. The color of the ink used in Turf Battles changes with each battle. It's very colorful. It is known that Inklings can change their body color, but there are also ones who can change the ink that they shot?!

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