Wtf Gamers? True Gamer Equality Needs to Happen

Kuma wrote: I would like to give a special shout out to my gamer buddies at Elite Girl Gamers, Elly Honda, Shady, Bluerave, Surfjafo, Darealwordsound, AegisofDoom, Shae Lunaz, fans of KKEnt for their feedback and certain people that wish to remain nameless. This started because of certain articles on how female characters are mistreated unfairly or shown in a sexist way, but the whole premise on this subject is not only one sided, but contradicting. What most of us already know that what happens to characters in games is pretty equal which I thought was the main idea, but now it seems to be a problem for a selected few. On another note, the ideals of Gamergate and what they do to females that speak out is disgusting and that needs to stop. People all have opinions and they should not be attacked mentally or physically. In that please enjoy our latest vlog below.

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