PS4 Exclusive Shadow of the Beast Receives New Info, Spectacular Concept Artworks

During the PlayStation Experience's GENERATION 8 - A New Golden Age! Panel, Heavy Spectrum's revealed new concept arts and information regarding the development of PlayStation 4 exclusive Shadow of the Beast.

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URNightmare1258d ago

So is this game going to be like GOW or DMC? that's what I'm hoping it will be but I'm not sure.

amiga-man1258d ago

This takes me back, not too many will remember this games origins on the Amiga computer, but in it's day it made quite a splash.

Looking forward to playing this game, it will have little in common with it's predessesor but for nostalgic reasons I'm excited to see more of this game.

imt5581258d ago

Yeah! How anybody can forget Psygnosis.

mixelon1258d ago

I remember. Used to love it on the A500. :D

I still have my A1200!

I hope it has some good puzzley stuff like the original trilogy.

XtraTrstrL1258d ago


I wish they could find a way to bring back Discworld.

Tapani1258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )

Oh yeah! I can never forget Shadow Of The Beast 2 opening cinematic. Also, the music and ambiance in the trilogy had was soooo good. We used to play these games hours and hours with my big brother.

Check this out for old-school vibes:

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Bennibop1258d ago

Well at least we know this is still in development.

guyman1258d ago

I was starting to get worried about this game in terms of its development. This is very welcoming news

Moldiver1258d ago

any body here remember this on amiga? Such a good game.

I hope they bring back the Roger dean inspired art style too. look him up if you have never heard of him. He does amazing landscape style art. He also designed alot of old pop and prog rock album covers too. He is also still very active and still has that signature art style. I hope sony get him involved. We will be in for a unique visual treat if they do.

Umb1258d ago

The good old Amiga, one of the best gaming platform in my opinion. Actually Sony owns the ip for Shadow of the Beast if I remember correctly because it was made by Pygnosis and Sony bought that studio. I kind of wish they bought Cinemaware.

Those were the days.....

Moldiver1258d ago (Edited 1258d ago )

Indeed. There is a lot of IP their for sony to explore, in pygnosis back catolouge. I remember this sshmup they made called awesome. cracking game.and lets not for get killing game show. that platform shooter with the little walker robot. That would make a great 3D platform shooter. Think Rachet and clank but with gore and a darker setting. I could see that working.

Awesome could just be remade as it was in HD. top down shmup. they could let the resogun devs handle that one.

mmmjabzig1258d ago

Awesome to hear a little more about this game after not seeing it since the gamescom announcement! Concept art looks niiice

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