10 Big Games Releasing on PC in First Quarter of 2015

The first quarter of year 2015 will see arrival of 17 new releases on PC, including new portions for some generally welcomed franchises. Here is list of 10 big games bellow .

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tomylee1104d ago

I have never played any GTA games but i am going to buy myself GTA 5 it sounds so interesting.

Meltic1104d ago (Edited 1104d ago )

Dying light is my nr 1 on the list beacuse i love zombie games. And nr 2 is gta 5. Haven't played the ps3 or the ps4 versions. Ive waited for the PC :). So busy month for me

atticus141104d ago

The ads on that page are out of control

viccrack1104d ago

i believe nothing is free, right? :D why guys complain about everything... if you dont like it, dont see or read it, who gives a fu** anyway...

Lon3wolf1104d ago

When it totally messes up the format of the page and there are more ads than words on each game, why not comment on it?

atticus141104d ago

Actually it just means when I'm on my desktop, that one stays on the ad block list.

Perjoss1104d ago

Another BS website layout with 10 pages, 1 for each game... tons of ads on each page too.

BattleAxe1104d ago

Well the website isn't called Junk Explorer for nothing...

Plagasx1104d ago

ahhhhhhhhh GTA v you are soooo close.. My PC is ready.