12 Best Games That Make 2014 Memorable Year

Here is the list of 12 best games that make 2014 memorable year.

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skhawar1264d ago

I loved Dark Souls 2, but it didn't resonate the same way the first did. There were too many multi bosses / mobs, for a combat system suited for one v one this doesn't work.

Hamzaali1264d ago

The Wolf Among Us is my fav game ever

Dreaming-Art1264d ago

This year was so-so, a bit safe, a bit disappointing, and mainly stitch together by small moments of wonder.

Stupid1264d ago

FIFA 15, Alien Isolation and Dark Souls II are memorable? just shut your mouth...

mezati991264d ago

Alien Isolation is the best Alien game ever created and one of my favorite horror games, so yeah

Stupid1264d ago

Alien Isolation is the worst Alien game ever created and one of my hated horror game, so yeah

Vegamyster1264d ago


Worse than Colonial Marines?

Gamingchange1264d ago

Memorable as most disappointing games of 2014 Lolz

jasminlenovo1264d ago

lol look at bravely default feautre image . how pretty she is xp