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"Generally speaking, you don’t play a racing game for the story. Ubisoft took a nod from Need for Speed: The Run, and attempted to tell a mature story revolving around cars. While the cutscenes are pretty impressive from a graphical standpoint, the story falls flat. You play as Alex, a rather lifeless character whose brother gets killed early on. It’s a basic revenge story, with the FBI giving you an awful lot of freedom with little reason. Your goal is to take down a corrupt cop and the 5-10 gang, which has devolved from an illegal street racing club into a major mafia-like organization. You have to work your way up within the gang in order to somehow gather enough evidence to put the leader of the whole gang and the corrupt cop in jail. Thankfully, if you don’t care at all about the story, the cutscenes are skippable, and you can focus solely on driving."

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JonnyBigBoss1263d ago

I love how big the world is in The Crew.