The race to defeat Destiny's (new) toughest challenge begins

"Bungie has just released The Dark Below expansion for its first-person shooter Destiny, and raiding groups are already hard at work attempting a "world first" completion.

The Dark Below contains a new Raid, called Crota's End, which replaces Vault of Glass as Destiny's hardest challenge. We won't spoil what Crota's End contains here, so watch the Twitch streams, below, at your own risk.

Established Destiny raiding groups have already mobilised. KingGothalion and crew are working their way through it now, as is StreamerHouse.

Bungie has said it will confirm the Crota's End world first completion using its User Research tools at 10am Pacific Time - that's 6pm UK time."

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TimeSkipLuffy1292d ago

What would we do if we couldn't re-spawn and our character actually dies... like it would happen in a real sci-fi world :D Watching the videos I realized how bad we are at gaming when we have to die but can continue somewhere near the latest location and try again :D.
Or games are just getting harder... I wish I could retry this or that in real life, too ^^