Street Fighter V's exclusivity is just business

MWEB GameZone writes: "Competing formats have always featured extensive exclusives in their game libraries and that has typically been a good thing. Because it created genuine competition.

It wasn't enough to just make a good shooter, you had to make sure it was better than the shooter on the other system.

Its just business"

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HanCilliers1346d ago

So MS got Rise of the Tomb Raider as a timed exclusive now Sony got SFV as an all out exclusive.


Sillicur1346d ago

Yeh, well i guess the scales are kinda even now this generation in terms of exclusives

Inzo1346d ago

Even? Did you see what is coming to the PS4 next year? "Even" is hardly the word I would use.

Septic1346d ago


MS have not revealed their hand yet mate. Well neither have Sony or Ninty. Way too early to call it but yes, based on what we know now, Sony have a massive edge.

Inzo1346d ago

Even? Did you see what is coming to the PS4 next year? "Even" is most definitely not the word I would use.

2cents1346d ago

I recall the hate generated for tombraiders timed exclusive reveal.

Many arguments made for how evil MS are and how wrong this is. Well... this is a far bigger than that. This shows that Sony are just as ruthless and greedy as the next multi national corporation.

Killer Instinct may be exclusive on xbox but that is due to the ip being owned. But SF is the gamers fighter, to make this exclusive is a dirty power play from Capcom and Sony.

I fell out of love with fighters a few years ago so I don't feel much for this decision, but some of my friends are hardcore SF players who are flipping their sh1t right now because of this.

All the more reason to invest in all consoles due to the 'business' of gaming.

freshslicepizza1346d ago

at the end of 2015 is when we will see what actually happened. we should tame ourselves after all the delays that happened since both new systems launched.

the video game business is run in such a way that it builds friction among parties because they all think the only way they can really survive is to have exclusive content. thus the creation of fanboys.

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Enemy1346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

Was pretty satisfying to hear Adam Boyes say, "PS4 is the only console this game will ever appear on." He made sure to say it loud and boldly.

Besides, SF5 probably wasn't going to happen anytime soon. Capcom seems to be in a deep struggle right now financially. That's why Sony stepped in, and it was a genius move.

PoSTedUP1346d ago

agreed. would hate to see capcom go. thank sony for helping them out and more than likely not release crap buggy games in the future. good for gamers imo. with capcom struggling, SFV woulda been a s***show all around. i expect this to be a solid game, and hope to see them resurrect RE (if they know whats good for them).

Septic1346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

"Was pretty satisfying to hear Adam Boyes say, "PS4 is the only console this game will ever appear on."

Hmm. Sorry for being THAT guy but why were you so satisfied?


"agreed. would hate to see capcom go. thank sony for helping them out and more than likely not release crap buggy games in the future. good for gamers imo" Capcom weren't going anywhere. This isn't good for gamers just as TF exclusivity wasn't good for gamers and how Tomb Raider timed exclusivity wasn't good- you know, despite all the claims of how MS were helping the devs with the aforementioned games.

Business is business though. The only difference is, some of us recognised that at the start and aren't being hypocrites when accepting that fact now whilst others shed tears and raised pitchforks before.

PoSTedUP1346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

capcom can only do poorly for so long. would you rather see them make crappy buggy games like Ubi bc of a poor budget, or solid games because sony helped them out with one game? devs struggling is bad for gamers, this is good for gamers. when a game turns out to be a mess due to poor budget, across all platforms, everyone loses. when a dev cant afford to get their games right, and then takes a hit because of that/on top of that, trust me, everyone will lose. it costs a lot more time, money and resources this gen. expect this to happen more.

i see this a little differently than TF and TR. MS needs more exclusives/ first party, this is how they get by/operate, you should know this by now. whats bad for gamers is all this nitpicking syndicalism over stupid things that can nearly cripple a corporation because of a "slight downgrade" or all the other small stuff that has been going on. over entitled gamers are bad for gamers, real gamers.

BlissSeeker1346d ago

Logic. They said they are co-developing it together on stage, and that it is the only CONSOLE it will ever appear on. We can all be obtuse, but that hints that they are helping fund development at least partially. This also fits in with what Ono was saying last year, that they don't have the funds to make Street Fighter V (he said this on Twitter, quick Google will find you that). So yeah, Sony are partially funding it most likely, otherwise it'd be timed like Tomb Raider if it was a pure money hat – which it isn’t.

marlinfan101346d ago


You honestly dont think capcom couldnt have funded their biggest IP? Come on now. They ssy theyre codeveloping because it sounds better. Bottom line is sony threw money at them to secure it, period.

freshslicepizza1346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

so locking out people from playing this is a good thing? what a strange world we live in where people actually post proudly they don't like to share.

maybe if people looked at the bigger picture and stop this immaturity that feeds the console wars they would start to realize whats really best for the industry is to keep growth. people are not buying the wii u for many reasons and lack of third party support is one key area. do we really want that to happen on every platform but the ps4?

i look back at the success of the ps2 and how sony followed that with the ps3 and the disaster that pursued. consumers having to pay upwards of $600 just to play games, developers left in the dark because they couldn't figure out the new system along with poor assist tools provided by sony, and just the sheer arrogance flowing.

PoSTedUP1346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

if nintedo bought out some big worthwhile third party titles, maybe they also wouldnt be doing so poor. the same ol' francises is not growth, its apparently hurting their console market. growth and to grow is what MS and sony are doing, this is a fact, and is why they are doing better. growth is expansion, growth in the industry means helping developers succeed. that is what sony are doing; and with indies too. expanding, growing, helping. nintendo have neglected third parties for eternity, that is why the ps1 took off (i.e. sony let everyone develope for their console), nintendo were always picky and choosey when it came to letting devs in on theor console, and theirfore why they most certainly deserve the position they are in now. they didnt help the industry grow as much as sony or MS. saying its not "sharing" is the immaturity you so happen to speak of. because like you said, its about growth. this isnt kindergarden. you wanna play certain games you have to buy specific consoles, andhelp the industry grow. look at the sales of nintendo consoles, they hav been on a decline (despite the fluke they had with the wii) and continue to do so. why? lack of growth. lack of growth= lack of sales= lack of third parties, not from what you said above.

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98xpresent1346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

SFV is a multiplat. And tomb raider is timed, and please don't waste a bubble saying it's a "Console exclusive". Bayonetta 2 is a console exclusive

lord zaid1346d ago

I get what you saying, its on PC as well, but you're being overly technical.

The point here is that the game will be available on one console over another and how that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Lev19031346d ago

@Lord Zaid

Not its onyl a bad thing if MS does it. When sony does it then it a master move like everything they do.

Utalkin2me1346d ago


SFV is console exclusive, considering PC is not a console. Hence why it is called a personal computer. Bayonetta 2 is a Nintendo exclusive, its not on any other platform.


MS is the ones that starts stupid stuff like this. I think it is a shady business practice. If MS keeps doing it, do you think Sony should stand by and watch.

cyril sneer1346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

So by your logic GTAV will be a pc exclusive then because pc is not a console.
Sry to burst your bubble but pc is a gaming platform that is why the term multiplatform is used when it is on more than one platform because pc,xbox,playstation and nintendo are all gaming platforms.Console exclusive is a pr term made up by the console makers to pad out there exclusive lists.
Just look at how many games sony were claiming only on playstation or playstation exclusive at the playstation event this weekend even though most of them are also on pc.

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marlinfan101346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

MS is publishing TR, itll probably come to pc ayear down the road like dr3 but I highly doubt its coming to ps4.

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Dabigsiebowski1346d ago

I love exclusives, really shows the personality and the tech of the consoles. Just glad Sony has always had the better ones between the two.

die_fiend1346d ago Show
tgunzz1346d ago

If it was a bad for gamers move when MS did it, then it's a bad for gamers move regarding sony as well. Be it timed, full exclusive, you did it, so I'm going to do it, who's on 1st, or who's on second.... All should be viewed the same, yes?

remixx1161346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

I feel like this is gonna happen alot from capcom now.

Ms helped make dead rising 3 with capcom.
Sony is helping with deep down for capcom.
Sony is helping with street fighter 5 for capcom.
Nintendo is helping with monster hunter 4 for capcom.

I don't think capcom has the money to publish there own games anymore, I believe they'll be using the big 3 to help get there games out and in turn the big 3 get the games exclusive to their console.

Japanese centric games go to nintendo and sony.
While western style go to Microsoft, where they will each sell the most.

Capcom is really using the console bidding to their favor.

lord zaid1346d ago

And I think that is a perfectly valid strategy. I think its great if each console has a larger library of exclusives. It does more to differentiate them from each other and strengthens competition and, hopefully, quality as well.

Fishy Fingers1346d ago

Of course it's just business. Except when MS does it...

Go back and read the N4G reaction to TR compared to now. It's laughable.

DigitalRaptor1346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

Why do people decide to ignore the legitimate details?

Tomb Raider is a franchise that for 10 solid instalments has been on PlayStation and PC and retains a big legacy within those 2 fan bases.

Microsoft pays for an exclusive sequel that is already planned for development for those platforms, to be blocked from them so they can attempt to have an edge over Uncharted 4. The bigger problem to the reaction people had with Tomb Raider is that they lied about its exclusivity, until Phil was forced to clarify.

They led Crystal Dynamics to put out a press release that was dishonest and a slap in the face to the fans that had already bought Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition only a couple months earlier. They then talked nonsense about the MS partnership helping them make the game the best it can be, whilst saying that the game will be… CROSS-GEN with the 360.

On the opposing side, Street Fighter is a series that has never consistently been on one platform. It's been on lots of platforms, and flip flopped between PC, PlayStation, Dreamcast in terms of exclusivity and not held a solid universal legacy on any one platform like Tomb Raider has.

Sony didn't lie about its exclusivity. They did not force Capcom to lie because they are working together with Ono-san on a game that would not have been made in the same way otherwise, or even as soon without the help of SCE. And now it has cross-platform play (a LONG requested feature) with PC, something you would not have seen otherwise.

Monkeycan81346d ago

TR was announced as a multiplat game. Then MS scoops it up too keep it off PS and have something to go up against Uncharted 4.

Ripsta7th1346d ago

Can you provide a link where they said it would be multiplat?
I remember wyen it was announced they didnt even mention platforms, people just assumed but please prove me wrong

marlinfan101346d ago

They wont post a link dont worry. Ive asked like 10 people to provide links of the same thing and still havnt gotten one. Its not hard to look at the announcement trailer and see it wasnt announced for any platforms

Why o why1346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

Bit one sided there're almost implying the x1 fans are fine with this and have not acted hypocritically. If it was just business then, its just business now. If you were outraged then, be outraged now. Ive seen a large number of x fans pissed to the point many of them are downgrading the franchise to junk status. Downplaying it whilst ignoring its still the biggest name in fighting games....

There are slight differences between the two cases.... the tr sequels release got blocked/delayed whereas the development of street fighter has apparently been helped by sony..... the capcom guy came on stage and said they approached sony.... Who am I to argue against that when all I have is my cynicism and conjecture.

To marlin and ripsta7th above...I cant provide a link but I bet both formats are being developed simultaneously leading me to at least guess it was due to be a multi game which it is anyway. I dont even get the point of that argument. Its on both. Ms acted like it was a true console exclusive but had to make it clear due to the speculation it wasn't which ended up being true.

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