The Koalition - Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD Review

The Koalition writes: "The original Phoenix Wright game was first released on the Nintendo DS back in 2005. It was an interesting game that blended dramatic, comedic storytelling with the interactivity of the DS touch screen. The game was popular enough to spawn two more sequels and a series of spin-off games staring different characters and more unique mysteries. In case you missed the chance to play these games back on the Nintendo DS, Capcom is releasing the first three original Phoenix Wright titles onto one collection for the Nintendo 3DS with the aptly named Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD."

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rbailey1259d ago

Great to see them make a remastered collection of this series. Now it's time for some new games for fans to sink their teeth into.

wiggles1258d ago

Is it really that good? I have always wanted to get into the series, but I always had problems finding the games ever since I got my 3DS

Feriku1258d ago

It's fantastic, possibly my favorite series ever. As long as you don't mind a lot of reading, you should give them a try.

wiggles1258d ago

Thanks, I'll be sure to check them out

Venomousfatman1259d ago

I really enjoyed the game back when they were first on Nintendo DS. They are quirky comedic titles that are just fun to go through. Not a lot of gameplay, but great stories to see play out.

So jumping back into them again with revamped visuals was neat. Only wish there was even more new content to check out, like an extra case or something more beyond what previous releases of these games had.

snookiegamer1259d ago

Phoenix Wright Collection!!!! Totally picking this up for my 90min commute to School!

Luv my 3DS XL ;)