12.7.14 HALO: The Master Chief Collection Content Update Notes


The next time you log into Halo: The Master Chief Collection, you will be prompted to download the latest content update. This particular content update focuses on matchmaking, parties, custom games, achievements, stability, and more. While this update contains a variety of improvements, we continue to work on additional content updates that will be rolled out to address further issues. Below, you’ll find a summary of the updates that are included in today’s update.

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Foehammer1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

Funny that match-making is the subject here...

it's something that Destiny doesn't have but no-one complains about that.

MasterCornholio1261d ago

From what I've read people dont have a problem connecting to games in Destiny. Most of the problems come from the loot system and the reptitive mission structure plus the intense grinding.

Ctiboi20101261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )


Why would anyone complain about Destiny's matchmaking? I haven't heard any complaints on that from my friends who actually own the game.

I love Halo: MCC and the online play is getting more stable but this shouldn't have been a problem in the first place. It's becoming a trend with new games and I'm done making excuses for it. I'm not paying 60 dollars for half a game.

They really need to work on the ongoing game chat issues as well as the game freezing/quitting on you for no reason. Other than that, the matchmaking has been drastically improved from what it was initially.

Btw is Halo: MCC really running on dedicated servers at this point? My friends and I noticed it says "finding new host" sometimes..I was just curious

pompombrum1261d ago

When has matchmaking ever really worked in the last five years? Halo 3 was pretty decent I guess but today, I find it's extremely rare to play even close matches.. it's almost always one team doing a fair bit better than the other.

just_looken1261d ago

Its more funny were going into 2015 with ps2/xbox 1 style online infrastructure fukcing lag switches still work on this pos LOL. Even ps4 now has games with selling features like "voice chat/text chat or lobby select".

beginning ps3 days again atleast the kz series before ps4 and bf3 and times has good online.

Hmm i wonder in 2015 if we will half to pay for p2p service like this or make us hook to old services that were on snes/dreamcast ha. Yeah $40 for amazing p2p connection addon.

Illusive_Man1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

Destiny also doesn't have 4 games, rotating modes, or anywhere near the playlists the MCC has have up and running simultaneously.

Sidenote: Did Sony ever announce that figure floating around of 15-18 million shipped consoles at PS experience?

otherZinc1261d ago


Also, Destinys story absolutely sucks & has no splitscreen campaign co-op.

DigitalRaptor1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

Destiny is a different game. Destiny is not fundamentally broken.

Amazing video ->
Discussion ->

Those downplaying the problems and the decisions… just don't.

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pelida1261d ago

Is this game selling well?

MasterCornholio1261d ago

It sold 1.2 million copies so that isn't bad given the install base.

pelida1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

Where do you took that number from?
ok sorry found it:

pelida1261d ago

idk about that, Bayonetta 2 sold 1.2 million too

is HALO we are talking about.

just_looken1261d ago

vgchartz probably shipped like the 15million xbox ones shipped but 7.4 actually sold.

Elit3Nick1261d ago

Do you honestly believe that half the consoles shipped haven't been sold yet?

just_looken1261d ago

Yes because there every were did you see the asian launch?

Sarah_Ch1261d ago

Guys I'm planing to get sunset overdrive bundle but it sold out everywhere I found some third party are selling it for 500$ so is it worth it? Or I should wait

just_looken1261d ago

Go online sunset overdrive is not that mind blowing.Its saints row infamous average zombie killing game mixed in a blender.

qwerty6761261d ago

this guy usually just bashes anything xbox, i wouldnt hold anything he says with any merit

coming from someone whos actually played the game, yes its totally worth it.

the traversal and movement is awesome in this game and continues to get better as you get more upgrades. its so fun and fluid you'll have a blast just grinding through the city

the story is also great, its just so classic and the humor, lets just say its one of the few games thats actually made me laugh, its so witty sometimes but never over the top, and theres tons of references will fly by people lol

its one of the best games i've played this year and i went into it not really expecting much.

tuglu_pati1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

Sunset Overdrive is a great game I highly recommend it, but why pay $500 for a console you can get for $350 and free games. Just buy a $350 bundle and buy the game separately, unless you really want that white console.

Sarah_Ch1261d ago

I can't find the bundle it's been sold out everywhere I checked gamestop,best buy,walmart,amazon so that's why I'm asking if it's wortg 500$ because I want the white one

tuglu_pati1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

I dont think a color its worth $150 more. If I were you, I would get the AC:U bundle for $350 and get the game separately, if you don't care for AC you can always sell it on Ebay and get at least $40 for it

urwifeminder1261d ago

Game is still got major issues I give up will try again after xmas.

spicelicka1261d ago

Mine is muchh better, had no problems playing yesterday, played just like any other game.

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