PlayStation Experience: The Top Five Most Impressive Trailers - Uncharted, No Man’s Sky

The Web Graffiti: "This past weekend, gamers crowded into The Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas by the thousands to take part in the PlayStation Experience. If you were unable to attend, hopefully you caught our article about where to watch the event live-stream.

At the PS Experience, an impressive amount of trailers were released for upcoming video games, many of which have already been uploaded to the official PlayStation YouTube Channel."

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Kurisu1142d ago

Am I the only one that doesn't get the hype surrounding No Man's Sky? Don't get me wrong the game looks beautiful and I read that it's being developed by a team of 4 people? That's pretty impressive. But am I missing something? Are there missions and objectives? Or do you just literally explore? If that's all there is to it then it's not something that will interest me but I appreciate the work that the team are putting in.

DanteVFenris6661142d ago (Edited 1142d ago )

There's been tons of references to gameplay elements it's your choice to look those up. As for anytype of story no, but that's not a bad thing cause it's not about story it's about exploring and puts that over it. You make your own objectives you make your own story
-gameplay space combat, gun combat, crafting, rpg levelling system like it's seriously not hard to find these things if you've looked into the game they just haven't shown any videos of it

Kurisu1142d ago

Interesting, thanks. I'll keep an eye out for any future info because if has elements like that then it might be able to keep my interest! :)

GameSpawn1141d ago

No Man's Sky is going to be as sandbox as sandbox can be. Since there is no real story and the premise is to explore one planet after another. Much like the Sims games, it has no end and what you want to achieve it totally up to you.

Uncharted looked nice, but I'm hoping that it doesn't suffer from the same problem of UC2 & UC3 with endless firefight sessions. Seriously I got tired of one section after another after another where it was a constant 30-40 minute agonizing gunfight. The puzzle platforming and gun fighting was pretty balanced in the first game, but started to slip in later iterations towards the fights because people wanted more "action".

Until Dawn felt kind of meh to me and the character animations didn't seem as fluid as say Heavy Rain or Beyond (if we stay is a similar gameplay genre). Still shots look amazing, but in motion something just seems really off and weird.

It's good to see Grim Fandango get an HD re-release and that wasn't mentioned. I guess they wanted to focus on the new IPs and games.

medman1142d ago (Edited 1142d ago )

It was all very good. I was hoping to see more of Rime, Wild, and maybe two big AAA reveals and a No Man's Sky release date, but outside of that I was happy with what I saw. 2015 is looking jam packed with quality titles.

Rhezin1141d ago

I was hoping HELLDIVERS would've made a surprise release during PSX. That would've been perfect.

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