Do gamers have reason to be upset with Sony over H1Z1?

MWEB GameZone Writes: "Moving the release date and then adding content behind a pay wall have enraged the H1Z1 horde.

A lot of fans are now refusing to join the apocalypse. Are their concerns unreasonable or valid?

We take a look at both sides of the argument"

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HanCilliers1350d ago

IMHO Sony is making a big mistake. The Ear;y Access fans pay to have the game shaped according to their input. Adding anything at all behind a pay wall is disrespectful towards them.

Sillicur1350d ago

Definately, they are already paying to be Sony's beta testers!

2pacalypsenow1350d ago

Preety much any game you buy you're a beta tester nowadays

BlissSeeker1349d ago

To be fair they WANT to be beta testers.

freshslicepizza1349d ago

sony did the same thing with playstation now. beta testers had to pay for the content and some of those prices were ridiculous. this is even more funny, they want people to pay for a free to play game. am i in bizarro world? to top it off they want people to pay more to access more in an early access and be a beta tester.

frostypants1349d ago

@HanChillers: "The Ear;y Access fans pay to have the game shaped according to their input."

If they think that's what they are paying for, they are silly.

HanCilliers1349d ago

I also dont get why people would pay for EA. Perhaps someone can explain it to me

SonZeRo1350d ago

Pretty much the same thing any early access game does these days, look at DayZ Standalone for example. abit surprised with the paywall to a f2p but then again what is f2p if not p2w.

Smitty20201350d ago

I love zombie games as much any1 but don't find h1z1 anything special I'll stick too dayz

Phar0ahad31350d ago

huh you never even played h1z1 but with the budget sony has its gonna put day z in the dirt i think servers with thousands of people home building and more i just really feel sorry for DayZ..................

HanCilliers1350d ago

Bu then there's this - Will it be better than Day Z 1

"No it won't. We'll get asked that question a lot and I wanted to be up front about it. We're not as feature rich and they have a lot of really cool stuff we just don't have yet."

CaptainObvious8781350d ago

You're better than this sony. I expect this kind of thing from other companies, not you.

You've been doing everything right since the reveal of the PS4. Don't stop now.

TheSaint1350d ago

This just went from a must buy to watch and see if the paywall becomes too high, good job Sony.

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The story is too old to be commented.