Capcom Censors 'Angry Joe' Street Fighter V Video After Negative Comments

"Oh dear, Capcom are in hot water again. The firm behind the recently announced PS4/PC exclusive Street Fighter V seems to be safeguarding their upcoming fighter by censoring popular Youtuber Angry Joe." The Games Cabin

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98xpresent1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

So a multi million dollar Company is butthurt over somebody's opinion

mikeslemonade1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

Only 1 minute into the video.., but Capcom started sucking when they went multiplat. Don't believe me? Compare meta score for Resident Evil and DMC multiplats to the exclusives.

You guys protesting to make it multiplat essentially means you don't want a better game. Most likely the game is a time exclusive. When the 360 had x amount of exclusives during the generation it had way less exclusives by end of the generation.

vishmarx1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

for whoever cares to know facts and is not here just to quarrel
it was done by youtube's automated system

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ChronoJoe1349d ago

I can't believe Joe managed to blow up an automated copyright claim into an assertion that everyone 'higher up' at Japan is incompetent and should be fired.

He seems very annoyed because of how it affects his (and other youtubers) business, more than anything else. That's reasonable, but at the end of the day that's his issue, and it doesn't say anything about the game, or anything Capcom are trying to do to consumers.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1349d ago

funny enough devil may cry 4 sold more than DMC. both multiplats, and DMC had a much bigger install base to work with. LOL

DragonKnight1349d ago

Joe has become much more of a whiny b**** ever since he started streaming gameplay on Twitch more, plus his girlfriend instilled feminism in him, and he seems less enthused to do reviews anymore.

He also literally has no reason to whine. He has a gaming PC AND a PS4, AND he's going to be playing SFV as his job so he's being a hypocrite because he's still going to be playing the game.

Finally, I said it in his video myself; I have a PS4 and I don't give a flying f*** about SFV, but if he thinks that the reason SFV isn't coming to the Xbone, or at least one of the reasons, isn't because of cross-play then he's sniffing some strong paint. He ranted how the Xbone could do cross-play because Xbox has done cross-play before. Yep, it has, but not as much as Playstation and more often than not MS won't allow cross-play or insists on the double-dipping method for MMO type games which is why FFXIV is not on Xbox.

So it's not that Xbone can't do it, it's that MS won't allow it. Not with their tight-a$$ed restrictions and/or price gouging.

meganick1349d ago

Capcom started sucking because of poor creative and business decisions, not because they "went multiplat."

Audiggity1349d ago

What? Your comment makes negative senses.

Try again.

airforcex1349d ago

Exclusives get better scores due to the nature of the industry. I think I posted about this 4 years ago. It seems like reviewers can't downgrade exclusives as much, specially if they're big AAA. The fact that we're even talking about Street Fighter...I can't remember similar hype for SF4; again, that's the industry.

amnalehu1349d ago

It's not a timed exclusive. PC/PS4 only.

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Enemy1350d ago

Actually a lot of publishers censor Angry Joe. This isn't the first time it happens.

memots1349d ago

i watched the whole video. And there is nothing really to get censor, Its an opinion and he is not bashing them that hard. He is concern about gamers first and foremost.

fei-hung1350d ago

I usually agree with AJ and even watch his videos without fail every week but this rant was a bit of a fail for many reasons :

1) don't buy current gen they aren't worth it?! Wtf is that about?!

2) he refuses to believe Capcom and Sony are building sf5 together due to financial constraints?! Really?! Capcom is even having help with their next gen panty raid engine from Sony!

3) capcom should change their vision for their game for ms as ms doesn't allow cross platform play?

4) completely forgetting important things like MS funding platinum games (capcoms biggest rival) after capcom gave them dr3 as an exclusive.

On this occasion, as rare as it is with all the screw ups capcom has made recently, this time I can understand why capcom has done it.

Essentially AJ has just thrown a tantrum and is telling the world Sony and capcom are liars, nothing they said is true, I know better than you do, f### all consoles, I know best. If I were Sony or capcom and someone have me that attitude, I wouldn't want that person to earn a living from my material. You call me a liar and claim to know better, go make the money without my help.

nix1350d ago

you said "panty raid engine".. that made me laugh..

probably because i'm drunk.

Lev19031350d ago

I heard someone say. If you cut someone's tongue you dont prove them liars. You only prove that you are afraid of the words he will speak.

Angry joe was always against making a mutlpi console game an console exclusive btw.

Why o why1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

Im an aj fan so I can only assume he was just as annoyed when tomb raider was announced as a timed exclusive.

In case I'm mistaken, what was he so agree about?

fei-hung1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

I'm not saying it being exclusive is good, I'm saying he said tons of crap and weNT on ranting saying silly things for no good reason. It's like he just went Ape shit crazy and started saying shit that was making no sense.

Someone also said if you let people talk shit and don't do nothing about it you will encourage them to continue taking shit. Also your analogy is lame as no one is silencing Joe or asking him to be silent. He can make a rant video on sf5 twenty more times, he just has to use other material in the background. Sites like red gaming tech or boogie don't show the games being played on the background. All capcom have done is said you ain't making money of us using our material whilst you bitch about us.

fei-hung1350d ago

He was just as annoyed, but the reason why I disagreed with him this time is him saying crap that he did about no console being worth it, capcom aren't in a financial mess, Sony is not helping make it and Co fund it. They were upfront and said it out right, but joe for whatever reason thinks he knows better. That's why on this occasion I've disagreed with him.

LeCreuset1350d ago

"I wouldn't want that person to earn a living from my material."

Or using my copyrighted material to bash me. Assuming what he said about acquiring the video is true, why would he accept it in the first place? Didn't he think that may present a conflict of interest?

Pintheshadows1350d ago

Much like he doesn't pay attention when he plays games to review them, he probably doesn't pay attention to announcements either. I thought it was pretty clear about Capcom and Sony's partnership here.

But no, Angry Joe knows everything. The copyright claim sucks but this is the reaction of child throwing a tantrum and thinking he has all the facts when he has none. He does this every now and then and calls them Angry Rants but most of the time they are just embarrassing.

darthv721349d ago

Just to be fair...MS does allow for certain games to have cross play between PC and XBL.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1349d ago

I agree with how he feels but his points were horrendous.

Onenyte1349d ago

I felt he just wanted a rant for the sake of it , normally he has significant evidence to back himself up , this one just seems like a rant to get views.

He should of done some research instead of jumping in front of a camera .

He is getting annoying with the way he talks about pc being the only way to get the true gaming experience,there's not one game on pc that I would choose over a console exclusive (Forza Horizon 2 , Uncharted , etc) .

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Magicite1350d ago

angry joe rants too much.

vork771349d ago

whats wrong with Rants?

scark921349d ago

Well he is AngryJoe, not MildlyUpsetJoe

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1350d ago

So Capcom wants someone they are paying to promote Capcom software to not make negative comments about the company that's paying him?

When this clown agreed to be paid by Capcom then he agreed to become an "agent" of Capcom.

Capcom did what any other company would have done in this situation.

If i'm paying you to promote my product and then you run around bad mouthing me, guess what i'm going to do.

I'm going to sever all ties to you and tell you to

Anyone who supports this @sshole is an @sshole too.

sweetSWAGGER1350d ago

get paid? become an agent? I thought they just sent him a trailer and told him to talk about it with his fans.

Again, that's just my narrow-minded understanding of what's happening. I didn't realize Capcom worked with Joe because he's the equivalent of a PR company. I thought they did it because he was a well-known Youtuber with over a million fans following him. My apologies.

Why would that idiot say bad things about a product he was paid to promote? What a terrible spokesperson!

I mean, the way this guy is acting, it's as if they didn't pay him at all!

LeCreuset1350d ago


Maybe not getting paid, but the material is attracting people to the video, which translates into more money for Angry Joe.

He should have just not accepted the video, seeing it as a potential conflict of interest. It isn't even like it was being used to review the product. I think Capcom intended this as a "you scratch our back we'll scratch yours." Each party gets promotion. Capcom gets promotion for the game by Joe sharing the video. Joe gets more hits because of the video. It really does strike me as a bit sleazy to use the video, in a way that has nothing to do with the actual product, to bash the business practices of the Capcom.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

Would you promote a product just because a company allows you to use their content? Capcom gave the guy something. He's just running off at the mouth probably because many of his supporters are Xbox gamers. If it was mostly Sony fans following him do you think he would be bad mouthing Street Fighter 5 or anything relating to PlayStation?

All it boils down to is that this guy tried to have his cake and eat it to. Capcom does him a favor and then he bad mouths Capcom? What would anyone do in a situation where you allowed someone to use your property then that person bad mouths you in public? Yeah everyone is entitled to their opinion, but if I help you out and you turn and talk sh*t about me am I supposed to keep doing you favors and helping you out? This is a silly topic of discussion. If I was Capcom, I would have lowered the boom on his punk @ss.

sweetSWAGGER1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )


I agree that Joe shouldn't have used the video, but... Joe was going to tear into Capcom regardless if he accepted the assets from Capcom to make the video before everyone else. His fans were going to tune in to listen to his rant regardless. I don't know what they were expecting from him. They should've known he was the last person to go to after what they've pulled. Do some research next time, Capcom.

Also, "has nothing to do with the product"? "didn't review the product"? What's there to review? It's a gameplay teaser, which he DID review down to the smallest detail. A lot of the video, Joe is speculating what the game's going to be like and why people shouldn't write it off because it doesn't look like a dramatic upgrade to the original Street Fighter 4. He analyzes what has changed and praises the cross-play feature between PC and PS4.

That seems like it has plenty to do with the actual product to me. The bits where he tears into Capcom's business deal with Sony was not the entire point of his original video.


(I'm going to assume you're asking everyone) Would I promote a product because a company allows me to?

Sure, if I had mostly positive things to say about said-product, to the point where I felt that I should use my elevated voice on the Internet to give as much exposure to that product as possible. Because, I believe that product has earned my recommendation, not because I'm being paid to do it, but because I genuinely believe it to be of a such a level of quality.

LeCreuset1350d ago


Fair point. He does analyze the content, but it should have stayed at that. The two should have been separate videos. It's clearly a "you scratch my back I'll scratch yours" scenario. He benefited from using their assets. Do you think Capcom came away feeling like they benefited from providing Joe that video?

I think they sent out mass communications to the gaming press, linking them to where they could download the video, to answer your question about why they provided it to Joe, given his history.

Have you seen the response video he made, in the article? He's still trying to use their assets and getting frustrated when his vids get pulled. What is there not to get? They aren't going to help Joe get publicity so he can turn it around and bring them bad publicity. He should have either declined to log onto the site with his press credentials and download the video, or kept the issues separate, by making one video, with the assets, exclusively analyzing the trailer, and another where he raises his concerns about the business deal.

sweetSWAGGER1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

In reply to your second comment: YES. Yes, he would talk about it.

You're talking about the same guy who tore into Microsoft for pulling the same thing with Tomb Raider. In fact, he even dedicated a number of videos to ranting over the Xbox One back when it was being revealed.

That, and he's made it a point on numerous occasions that he doesn't care for console wars and thinks they're for 12 year olds.

That leads me to conclude quite easily that he doesn't care what the majority of his fans are, he's going to review and talk about whatever he's currently playing and whatever he thinks is bad or good for gamers.

I don't disagree that Capcom is just trying to use him as a PR mouth-piece, but they should have KNOWN what his reaction was going to be. They tried to "do a favor" for the wrong guy. Then again, as LeCreuset has also pointed out, Joe should not have accepted the video assets in the first place. He mistakenly assumed Capcom wouldn't have a problem with his opinion. They did.

Both parties goofed, dear fellow.


I completely understand your argument, and it is a good one. I agree that Joe shouldn't expect to be allowed to use press assets to tear into the business deals (although not separate from the game, it isn't relevant to the actual contents of the game itself). He SHOULD have kept it separate, then Capcom wouldn't have a problem. Like I said, both parties goofed.

gangsta_red1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )


Capcom paid Angry Joe? Where did you read that?

Capcom gave Angry Joe some video and just told him to spread the word. there was no money involved, as far as I know he was NOT paid. Just asked to promote the game, sort of like how you promote Sony.

Angry Joe even made good points about the game and really talked it up but he was being fair because he b!tched about the Tomb Raider deal from MS so he didn't want to appear unfair and he complained about this as well.

Most of you spend your time here constantly complaining about how reviewers and journalists are biased or paid off or unfair (usually against Sony) but here is someone that is giving his truthful opinion and letting people know that he is just as upset at this deal as he was of the TR deal.

And you want to call this guy an @sshole? Now you want to put a link that tells him to F* off? Censorship is now okay?

Remember when MS and Machinima was accused of censoring and taking down those youtubers a while back...I wonder how that went down at N4G?

DLConspiracy1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

Let's be clear about this. You are either for censorship or not. You are either for exclusivity or not. You don't get to flip flop between because it suits your argument on the console wars in the comments based on your favorite console company.

These are promotional materials. He wasnt paid by capcom to speak on their behalf.... So when the game comes out and people get to review it the only people who should be allowed an opinion on the game should be those who speak favorably about the game? You are saying they should censor people because capcom gave him promotional material.

Wow... Console wars are the most ridiculous hypocritical BS ever. I can't believe how the community is treating this as a console war action. This is far and above that. Angry Joe was at the forefront saying the Rise of The Tomb Raider was BS if it was Xbox exclusive 100% and nobody had issues with that. Now people are pissed at Joe because of this???

4Sh0w1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

I'm not a Angry Joe fan at all....I think the guy is a over dramatic drama queen but how can the same people who cheered him on for blasting the Tomb Raider deal now disagree with him on the the Street Fighter deal? Also when you are a media outlet/reviewer unless there is a specific agreement or contract in place to "promote" a product there is nothing unusual about accepting promotional materials while providing negative criticism.

Similar to press outlets getting early access/previews/hands on of new gameplay for a upcoming games....Sure the dev/publisher is hoping that by favoring your site for early access that it will encourage a "favorable preview" on your site but ultimately as a media entity you should of course give your honest impression AND they of course should be on standby for whatever you might say.

All that said I see nothing wrong with any of these companies making exclusive deals, its business and none of us gamers are entitled to the "next game" in an established franchise, you didnt create the game, you didn't buy the rights, you pay $60 to play that 1 game, as a dev I have the right to sell my next game only on tablets if I want to, so if it goes elsewhere you either dismiss it or you buy the hardware that allows you to play that game.

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Mr Tretton1349d ago

"probably bashing Capcom because MS told him so"

He criticized MS with the Tomb Raider deal in the same way, so, no.

thisismyaccount1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

If you look thru his video "catalog" over at his channel... it didn´t seem to bother him when Mass Effect 1 and others were 360 exclusives.

You might answer : "He was younger! He is a lot "wiser" now!"

My answer to that is :

(in other words, this Foe ain´t in any position to bitch about exclusives, nor is he the spokesperson of the internet about this matter, let´s just hope nobody sent him $$$ for that 2nd PS4 Raffle of his)

... i wonder if the XB1 was not a turd (saleswise), i wonder if his reactions would be the same, if the XB1 would be leading the market....

He hasn´t changed at all these past what 6 years?

TheRedButterfly1349d ago

-_- Mass Effect's exclusivity stemmed form Microsoft publishing a new IP from an independent studio. You mistaking his being "okay" with its exclusivity proves nothing other than your ignorance.

Keep on keepin' on troll. You're right at home on this site.

HeWhoWalksBehind1349d ago

Sorry had no idea the mass effect game before that was released on a sony console.

showtimefolks1349d ago

For the love for gaming please move on, here are few things. Understand them and move on.

Exclusives started way back not during ps2 or Xbox360/one
3rd party exclusives are more console sellers tan. 1st part

Difference is back in ps2 days many debs wanted to make exclusives because the install base was so big. Than MS changed the game and started paying a lot of money for games and stakes were raised quite high when 50 million was paid for GTA DLC

Next gen started with huge 3rd party exclusives

Dead Rising 3
Than came news of timed exclusive of tomb raider

garden warfare exclusive
Peggle 2 exclusive

So now Sony is only catching up(yes I know about destiny DLC) but did yall remember how Xbox fanboys made petitions to stop sales or making threats to bungie.

So please keep your feelings out of this, it's all business and don't be surprised if we see more 3rd party exclusives. I don't mind them as long as they are timed but if it's permenant than it hurts the other fan base. But like I said 3rd party exclusives sell consoles

Think about it street fighter is an iconic franchise and will most likely help Sony sell a lot of consoles especially to fighting genre fans

It seems to me when MS does it it's okay but when Sony does anything related to 3rd party exclusive content or game they are bashed

TheBanditKing1349d ago

I don't see what everyones problem is, Sony is helping to develop the game. Without Sony SF5 wouldn't exist, so your mad that Capcom doesn't have the money to make it them selves for both? Or that MS didn't offer first? Or that Sony isn't helping to pay for an X1 version? Either way your argument is stupid.

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ShugaCane1350d ago

You're so right Capcom, censorship is definitely the best move to prevent people from being angry at you...............

bouzebbal1350d ago

censoring and hiding the truth is pretty common in this world that it actually became a standard. governments do this to save their ass and people still praise them, why not an almost dying company.

CallOfDutyFan1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

That's very nice of you CAPCOM!
You are the best! /s

kingdomtriggers1350d ago

Its like at the beginning of the 7th generation of consoles, 90% of the japanese gaming companies got together and agreed "Hey, lets become out of touch with EVERYTHING"

Special-Agent-Milo1350d ago

Poor Joe looks like he was crying at the start of the vid. That or it was early in the morning.