Sony NZ Auctioning Off Grey PS4 For Charity

The 20th Anniversary Grey PS4 is sold out and there is hardly any places you can buy it. Unless you live in New Zealand and are rich enough to win an auction for it.

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SaveFerris1346d ago

Nice gesture by Sony NZ and good luck to all those Kiwis who are bidding for this.

uth111346d ago

Good idea! That way when they sell for $25,000, nobody feels bad about it because it's for a good cause :)

UKmilitia1346d ago

these shouldnt of been put on sale imo.
they should of had people who wanted it world wide register and only have 1 aplicant per address and 23,000 names randomly picked,then those people could buy them.

because whats happended here i they only sold in USA and screwed everyone else in world and coming from a person in UK who would of been interested i had no chance at all.

oh well i will play my standard ps4 and hope a skin comes out thats same(looks on ebay)

S2Killinit1346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

And May the odds be evaa in your faiva

crashbash1346d ago

Hopefully that drab grey ps4 will make some money for charity.

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