Shovel Knight's Game Awards Win. A Victory for Crowdfunding

Marcus Estrada writes: "In many ways, this simple award has helped to legitimize the crowdfunding landscape. Many people have started to view Kickstarter and IndieGogo as good places to get scammed - or, nearly as bad, to be provided with a terrible game. These things do happen, but they happen outside of crowdfunding as well. However, the best indie game of the year (according to The Game Awards) is a game which first saw success on Kickstarter."

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die_fiend1348d ago

Why is there a full stop in the middle of a sentence where every word starts with a capital letter? Because this site is garbage and won't get my click.

Kurisu1348d ago

I personally wouldn't ever contribute to crowdfunding. We pay to buy the console, pay to buy the game, and now are expected to pay to help raise funds to make the game?

higgins781348d ago

That I think is quite insular thinking. Crowd funding is a great idea.