Uncharted 4 Creative Director Explains Drake's Murderous Tendencies, Takes A Shot At NeoGaf

"We've more or less come to accept that the heroes in our video games may have to kill one or two, or maybe a hundred enemies. It's not something that we've really questioned, but it has been mentioned in the past.

This time the hero of Uncharted 4 is the target, though for good reason. Nathan Drake has racked up a fairly substantial kill count over the last few years and at this point he's more Rambo than Indiana Jones." The Games Cabin

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ShugaCane1264d ago

Bad guys shoot at him, he shoots at bad guys. Seems fair. Young Lara Croft wouldn't argue with that !

Enemy1264d ago

I've seen the threads on GAF where they complain about Drake being a murderous psychopath or whatever and it makes no sense at all. What is he supposed to do in those situations, just stand around and allow himself to be killed? This isn't a stealth series where you could simply choose to avoid every dangerous situation. It's an action game. Don't like killing? Too bad, that's the genre.

GAF hates pretty much everything though so it's hard to take them serious most of the time. One day they're praising a game, the next they're hating it. Not saying they're all like that but the majority of that website has serious issues. NeoGAF is about 95% trolling, 5% actual game discussion.

They're good at reporting news before anyone else, at least. I think a lot of no-name websites just copy their news from GAF.

UltraNova1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

I think ND should go back to the drawing board and make Drake play with daisies while singing playful peace loving songs in a field full of like-minded enemies who decided to give up killing Drake and started enjoying life's gifts, like those beautiful daisies lying there in the field ready to be dully appreciated.

Enemy# while doing the daisy thing: "To kill Drake or not to kill Drake..."


VenomUK1264d ago

What Druckmann is saying is that IF you make design choices based on what critics say, Nathan Drake would be a card carrying member of the SJWs. He would refuse to shoot enemies because it would be deemed unkind, and when they are trying to kill him he would prefer to throw up a white flag and try and get them to talk about their feelings!

No. A creative has got to do what is right for his character, story and game and not listen to the internet chatter. Drake is who he is and there have been three full Uncharted games for people to become familiar with who he is and the type of game he's in. If some people don't like that then it doesn't mean the games are bad, it just means that the Uncharted games aren't right for them!

johndoe112111263d ago

Let me show you where this is coming from. GAF is pro anti-gamergate. Anti-gamergate is pushing to take the fun out of gaming, i'm not making this up. The anti-gamergate side actually said that gaming is not supposed to be fun. They will push the agenda for anti-gamergate as much as possible hence when the anti-gamergate side complains about violence in video games and the wrongly perceived "misrepresentation" of women in gaming, GAF is going to jump on it and support them like a rabid dog in heat. this is the sad state we have reached in gaming. I have not visited GAF in months and I never intend to again.

miyamoto1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

Meh, Xbox extremist has been spewing this murderous thingy issue many years ago and it did not stop the Uncharted franchise popularity because the common gamer knows better than their jelly jelly jealousy.

They are picking up on one character yet are completely blind to CoD, or Battlefield, or Halo, or Dynasty Warriors.

Thanks for the attention, haters!

Funny, before the Xbox One reveal Neo GAF used to be a very proactive and reliable site. And then after the good folks in there exposed the crap out of M$ and Xbox One now M$ took action and fill it up with tons of their paid reputation managers.

Remember how GAF beat the crap out of M$ PR Department, Panello, Major Nelson and their damage control lies?

Now it has been infiltrated by tons of M$ employees.

Anyways good will always prevail and more informed gamers will rise up!

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Bathyj1264d ago

Nate kills a lot more people than Joel, but Joel's kills feel a lot heavier. It's all within the context of the game. You kill a couple hundred guys, but you're not supposed to dwell on it to much. It's just $h#ts and giggles.

DigitalRaptor1263d ago

Yeah, I never understood this particular criticism. As Neil said in the panel, Uncharted is a stylized reality.

It's also the pulp action genre - people should expect overkill.

die_fiend1263d ago

Exactly, this is a really stupid argument. ND already addressed this years ago during the fight with Lazarovic: "How many people have you killed just today Drake!"

It's a bleeding game! Imaginary people die, get over it!

Talgrath1263d ago

Precisely, you don't hear the same gripes coming from people about Call of Duty or other shooters. Because Nate isn't "super grim bro" about everything he's some sort of psychopath?

Mcardle1264d ago

I have always found the amount of enemies killed in Uncharted games to be way too much, I would much rather there was less shooting and more exploring of ruins but I'm sure I'm in the minority here, more puzzles and ruins and less waves of faceless enemies.

goldwyncq1264d ago

Self defense is NOT murder. By that logic then 95% of video game protagonists would be mass murderers.

beerzombie1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

This game is an action game killing poor incent people for no other reason other to find stuff. Those guys shooting at him are just protecting themselves against a Psychopath who is an emotionless derk.

johndoe112111263d ago

Wow, you must be fun at parties.

beerzombie1263d ago

I am. Actually I think the game is great. The people out their who really have this opinion and blame games for mass murder have this point of view.
I will tell you however that a lot of game heroes can have some of theses psychopathic mind sets the way the are portrayed in games. there is a documentary that I just watched and you would be surprised how many people are psychopathic walking around your city and work at you work place.