Latest Half-Life game is a free-to-play RTS, available now

MWEB GameZone Writes: "Lambda Wars is a free-to-play RTS game set in the Half-Life universe. The game used to be a MOD called HL2: Wars, yet it has not moved to a completely standalone experience, becoming a fully fledged game.

Here are all the details"

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HanCilliers1321d ago

While we wait for the next HL.

Sillicur1321d ago

Might be a looooong wait still, so this is good to keep the cravings in check :)

HanCilliers1321d ago

It's like we'll never see HL3 :<

Choc_Salties1321d ago

This should fill the void in my life lacking HL3, just for a little bit...

Sillicur1321d ago

Definately could. I love RTS games so this could keep me busy for some time, probably not until HL3 releases though, as i will be dead from old age by then.

Zaphire1321d ago

Never thought they would do an RTS Style game for HL :)

Sillicur1321d ago

Me neither, yet it kinda works hey. Looks so good! No reason not to check it out if you have a PC! We shall do battle, cant wait to play as the Combine

DesVader1321d ago

Gives the Half Life fans something to play to feel nostalgic until HL3 comes out :)

lord zaid1321d ago

Not interested. Don't want spin-offs, want Half-life 3.

Sillicur1321d ago

I would prefer HL3 as well, but seeing as Lord Gaben is afraid of the number 3 might as well enjoy this!