20th Anniversary PlayStation 4 unboxing

Sony is celebrating the 20th anniversary of PlayStation in style, releasing a limited number of special PS1-themed PS4 consoles across North America, Europe and Asia.

While Aussie gamers will miss out on the snazzy new console, they can win one through PlayStation Australia.

MMGN was very lucky to get one of these rare consoles, which are limited to 12,300 (the number representing the PS1's original December 3 release date in Japan).

Check out the console in all of its glory below.

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Moonman1346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

I love everything about it. Some people seem to be hating on it for jealous reasons I suppose. But it looks so damn cool (modern and retro at the same time...which is awesome!).

LackTrue4K1346d ago

the only thing that i don't like was the shiny/glossy gray HardDrive cover....i was thinking the system was just satin plastic all the way. just not feeling it on this color grey.

(never seen it until thiz pictures)

other then that, the console is awesome!

zero_gamer1346d ago

Jealousy is pretty much it, that or kids that have never seen a PS1 and the console appears "ugly" to them. This is pretty much nostalgia service, and it looks really cool.

Though I didn't get my hands on one of these, and probably never will unless I am willing to blow money with a multi-thousand dollar purchase on eBay. Though my black PS4 is still beautiful enough.

Svinya1346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

Or maybe.....just maybe...People simply don't like it and think it's ugly? Omg! Omg! Imagine that. We're allowed to dislike things without being jealous, right?

Agent_hitman1346d ago

I think the word ''Mouth watering" is the best word suited for this unboxing cause this 20th anniv. system is rare..

I'm jealous to be honest.

SaveFerris1346d ago

Wish I had the chance to own one. Playstation grey looks pretty good on the PS4.