Street Fighter V & Capcom's Copyright Claims - Angry Rant (Angry Joe)

Angry Joe Rants about Capcom's Copyright Claim against him and other Youtubers.

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WitWolfy1169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

Capcom went and fucked it up.

breakpad1169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

why so much rage from Angry Xbot joe..where is Deadrising 3 for PS4 ??..or he considers that as given to MS ,where is Monster Hunter 4 for Vita?? or we are fine for the lamest version of one of the best IPs out there ,where is Bayonetta 2 for other consoles ??... third party exclusivity is here, always was and will continue to be ...swallow it guys exclusivity differentiate our preferences ...its a free market and so there is healthy competition

jcole971168d ago

I guess you didn't see him rage about tomb raider for xbox one then...

darthv721168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

Ummm... bayonetta 2 had its chance for xbox and ps but both sony and MS turned it down. it was Nintendo that picked it up.

Dead Rising was originally an xbox IP and while the sequel was released for the PS3...capcom never said that 3 would be multiplat. people assume but there was never any indication what so ever.

sunset overdrive was also pitched to Sony and was turned down so it was MS that helped them get it done. and I believe the same for Titanfall but that is more between EA and MS than Respawn and MS.

Nobody ever says these decision makers make the right decisions. As is the case with LBP having been pitched to MS but they said no thank you and it went to Sony and the rest is history.

People like to bring up bayonetta 2 in comparison but the difference between that and SFV is Capcom wasnt even shopping around the idea for another SF game. They may not have had the budget but that doesnt mean it would not have been made in the natural course of time. They are working on other things and could have done one when they were ready.

Sony helping to develop it is great for Sony but it also shows that they too are willing to break out the check book when they see the chance. Its just business.

zeal0us1168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

Capcom in my opinion should want to sell as many copies as possible. Sure the PS4 is the top dog when it comes to sales but not every PS4 owner like the fighting genre or will pick up the SF5 when it comes out.

However if this move will keep Capcom in business longer then more power to them.

Yahdaree1169d ago

I couldn't make it 30 seconds into this nonsense rant.. wether I agree or disagree I'll never know because this guy comes off like a complete jackoff.

the_dark_one1169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

im sorry joe, normally i agree with you but this time i dont. you cant just claim that sony helping financially capcom to co-develop this game as bulls**t if you dont have any hard evidence otherwise, other then your angry reaction to it. yes is a situation bad for xbox gamers cause they will be missing on a presumably great game, but its the same way ps players will be missing on the next tomb raider( yes i know its timed, but probably will come only to pc) or the fact that dead rising 3 which was published by microsoft and ps players will never get to play it. or even titanfall that the wore rumors before being comfirmed as microsoft exclusive that it could come to ps4 sometime later even one of the devs was angry that ea made that decision without theirf full knowledge. its all about business( and it will always suck for one or the other side)

iSuperSaiyanGod1169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

Not on either side . Sony went after street fighter like Microsoft did tomb raider . It's squashed up now . Leave it at that . Both sides are being childish in my opinion , I use both system so it doesn't really bother me , but constantly seing these arguments bothers me then an exclusive to a console .

qwerty6761169d ago

"Both sides are being childish in my opinion"

no thats only you that thinks that, they just see it as business decisions.

iSuperSaiyanGod1168d ago

Obviously what I said . That is what an opinion is right? Lmfao . Troll

IxWoodstockxI1169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

Nah Street Fighter V is Sony Exclusive but Super Street Fighter V 4K HD 3D Arcade Hyper Edition will be Multiplat

Kane221169d ago

well, unless capcom drops cross-play or micro allows it. it will never come to xbox one

the_dark_one1169d ago

thats some hard sarcasm right there. if thats the case then im sure that a certain xbox exclusive thats also third party and it used to be multiplat, will make its way to ps4 because the devs decide to release it again with a "definitive edition" on it. /s
i just dont see any of it happen. for neither side. just cause they decide to put some other fancy name on the game, (if you have the base game on one side being published by sony or microsoft) it simply will not go to neither oposite side. fact

Imalwaysright1169d ago

I don't know if it is going to be multiplatform but if you want all the content without being shafted you will have to wait for that version.

aerisbueller1169d ago

Absolutely. Anyone who disagrees or at least anyone who thinks this is out of the question is incredibly naive, or hasn't payed any attention to anything Capcom's done in the last 10 years.

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TheJacksonRGN1169d ago

Capcom went to Sony with this, they said so at PSX. This fool is claiming Sony threw $$ at them. I could be wrong but I'll bet because MS isn't really big on cross-platform play, is the reason Capcom isn't including them.

No doubt Capcom wants to bring something new to the table with their series and the fighting games genre in general.

More companies seem to focusing more on improving the social aspects of gaming this gen. Being able to play with and against other players on other platforms is a pretty big social feature.

darthv721168d ago

Improving the social part is big. Cross platform play existed on a few games last gen for the PS3 and 360.

I think for MS, it is on a case by case basis if they open it up to cross platform play. There are several obstacles like input timing that need to be addressed but it does work. It didnt work exceptionally well last gen but this gen it could work better.

In an ideal world, all systems would be able to compete online with the same game. The differences between platforms would be akin to the differences between PC specs but it would be up to the servers to buffer things accordingly.

that way it appears seamless to the end user no matter if someone is using a PC, PS4, XB1, or even a wii-u.

Getting all of these corporations to sit down and come to terms on a unified hub that they can all communicate through....I'd love to see that happen.

But the first move is someone needs to put out their hand in support of such a project.

t-hall7851169d ago

tomb raider is being published by microsoft. timed? yeah...until it goes to pc

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izumo_lee1169d ago

Joe i like your stuff a lot & you often have interesting views on topics but this time i think your fanboy is taking over rather than finding the facts.

A big reason for this partnership between Sony & Capcom is the ability to 'cross play' with other platforms in this case the PC. We all know that Microsoft is very hard on not allowing 3rd parties mess around with Live, while Sony is more lenient with their network. If you wanna put a blame on someone it should be Microsoft for this ridiculous policy.

The other big reason is the Asian market where Street Fighter is still a big deal within the fighting community. Sony just has a better brand in these countries than Microsoft. So it is a business deal for Capcom.

LeCreuset1169d ago

It's funny. I actually agree with his skepticism when these 3rd parties say a game wouldn't have been made had X console manufacturer not funded it. The difference is, I stop at saying I'm skeptical or suspicious. Joe goes off on a rant like he has budgets in front of him. That's why I'm not big on guys whose schtick is to get angry. Pressure to live up to their gimmick compels them to extremes.

Swiftfox1169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

I feel too much of the conversation is being spent on the question of whether or not Capcom had the funds to cross-develop Street Fighter 5, they could very well have. The question that strikes me is, "Would Capcom have even green-lit a next gen Street Fighter without a partnership?"

As Joe said it sold 8 million physical over 3 platforms over the span of 6 years. To a Company the size of Capcom, it could very well be under-performing. They've already shelved Mega-Man, they've out-sourced Devil May Cry--Heck Ono had to beg the suits of Capcom just to develop Street Fighter 4. Capcom is the type of company to shelve Street Fighter and put money toward other things.

LeCreuset1168d ago

You just made me sad, thinking about how many great franchises Capcom is just sitting on.

Dudebro901169d ago

It seems like Joe is getting little too much into himself.

He's talking as if what he says is fact, but the fact is we have no real evidence of why/how this deal came about.

Sure we can speculate, and make educated guesses, but that's what they are, guesses.

I stopped watching Joe awhile ago because I could start to see him change from a guy that spoke for the gamers, to a guy who starts to think his opinions were facts.

blackblades1169d ago

I never watched him before and never will, matter fact I don't watch any gaming show on you tube.

the_dark_one1169d ago

well i can agree with that, when i started watch is reviews they wore funny and interesting, but now that he is a bit more "famous" i feel like he is becoming way more arrogant

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