Upcoming Patches and Features for Dragon Age

From Scylla Costa, producer on Dragon Age: Inquisition

Hi everyone,

On November 18, we released Dragon Age: Inquisition to the world. Since then, the team has listened to feedback and is working towards the first of an ongoing series of patches and feature/content updates in an effort to support your DAI experience.

As a live service, we wanted to let you know about our strategy moving forward. Here’s a brief outline of two initiatives we’re working on, in order of priority.

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2pacalypsenow1315d ago

I hope they change the voice changing Glitch

MeteorPanda1313d ago


Only thing l am annoyed with this game is that they used the same rig (skeleton) for all the mounts that it doesn't even make sense with the dragolisk lol. That is nothing really game breaking, glad they fixed these glitches.

mochachino1313d ago

They should fix broken Mage passive abilities like stormbringer. I wasted a point on that and haven't seen one bolt of lightning from it, let alone one every 15 seconds.