Here’s your first look at Sony’s cloud-TV service in action

A video has surfaced, giving us our first look at PlayStation Vue in action.

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JMaine5181102d ago

Looks good but just like most services. Pricing is everything!

Abash1102d ago

It has my interest, for the right price that is.

xHeavYx1102d ago

Maybe they'll surprise everyone and make it free with a PS+ subscription (you can always dream)

joab7771102d ago

Exactly. I want so badly to get rid of my cable. I've had dish and direct TV and they are all over priced. I wish I could pick and choose 20 channels and pay for those.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1102d ago (Edited 1102d ago )

Now Sony just needs to add some premium channels and offer different packages at a price that's less than cable and satellite and i'm in.

xer01102d ago

It looks incredibly slick.

I hope the UK release, isn't watered down.

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GT671102d ago


Magnus1102d ago

Hopefully its avalible for Canada we don't even get Hulu up here.

Godmars2901102d ago

Hulu pretty much was gutted after networks bought it. As odd as that sounds.

Magnus1102d ago

Well our Netflix is pretty much gutted we are missing half of the movies and shows. And everything is aged picture wise. Only way to get the good Netflix is by setting up an American account.

Iceball20001102d ago

yes, i really hope Canada gets this too. guess its up to the CRTC (crooks!)

Ghost_of_Tsushima1102d ago (Edited 1102d ago )

That's a nice, smooth, and clean interface. I hope they get AMC though. I really hope the price is decent because I like what I'm seeing.

BitbyDeath1102d ago

Walking Dead was in the video

TOTSUKO1102d ago

You can pretend its 4k

hkgamer1102d ago

is there any 4k content?

xer01102d ago


Although there is some 4K content, like the recent world cup... broadcasting that requires some serious infrastructure upgrades.

Hell.., roughly 40% of content currently broadcast in the UK is only 720P... Not even 1080P.

I'm sure numbers are worse in the States, since they have poor broadband and broadcasting infrastructure.

2pacalypsenow1102d ago

Netflix has breaking bad, the blacklist, hitch, Jerry maguire, and my directv has 4k on demand.

Plus my sony 4k has an amazing updcaler makes a huge difference in Blu rays

hkgamer1102d ago

its a pretty cool idea. but i guess it depends on what channels you like.

wont work for uk since sky pretty much rulse tv.

how much money do you guys in us normally pay a month for cable?

Smitty20201102d ago

My sky bill 56 pound a month which my internet is most expensive

xer01102d ago

I'm in the UK and avoid Sky like the plague.

paul-p19881102d ago (Edited 1102d ago )

I'm stuck with Sky as Virgin isn't available in my road yet, but as soon as it is I will be ripping those ugly satellite dishes from my wall!!

I pay about £30pm for Sky HD, which considering I only watch a few of the 'pay-to-watch' channels seems a bit steep imo so might just get rid of it and have freeview instead (1 less customer for Sky ftw!)

hkgamer1102d ago

have you ever considered nowtv?

i have full sky package except for movies and its pretty good. but now its basically only for discovery channel, sports channels, sky+ and on demand.

nowtv had a decent package which basically gave away the box for free.

i think if it wasnt for sky's dominance, uk on demand would be so much better.

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