Naughty Dog’s Druckmann: “Sony Has Been Really Kind to Us;” Talks Jak and Daxter that Never Happened

During the “Inside the Dev Studio” panel at PlayStation Experience Game Director Neil Druckmann talked about the studio’s relationship with Sony and gave more information about the Jak and Daxter sequel/reboot that never happened and then turned into The Last of Us.

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Rimeskeem1168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

So your saying that if Jak and Daxter reboot happened, TLOU never would have occured?

if so I'm glad they did that.


Oh, hell yah. If they can still reboot or make a sequel, that would be amazing.

Abash1168d ago

Jak and Daxter should still be revisited by them either way. Naughty Dog should just continue the series rather than reboot it, people would go nuts for a true sequel to Jak 3

-Foxtrot1168d ago

One thing they need to do if they do Jak 4, they need to do it so they forget about the Lost Frontier...and I mean make it so the game is non cannon.

The story kind of ruined the overall plot and had a few plot points which contradicted past games.

nucky641168d ago

you're right, abash....I'd go nuts. I'd LOVE to see new J&D!

medman1167d ago

Personally I would go more nuts for a Naughty Dog sci fi epic....but I understand the jak and daxter love.

itBourne1168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

He said Sony has been kind to them while answering my question ^^ I am still ecstatic from the entire event!

-Foxtrot1168d ago

Still would like Jak 4 in the future

Massive open world platforming game, it would be fantastic.

Think of all the guns, vehicles, side missions they could do.

BigBosss1168d ago

I am so sad they didn't reveal no Crash game :(

I still hope it happens one day!

LightDiego1168d ago

I still need to play the Jak and Daxter Collection for PS3.

Agent_hitman1168d ago

I wonder if SONY is still interested in buying the Crash Bandicoot IP to Activision? It would be great if Sony/ND will make another Crash game for PS4, it could become their biggest system seller for the decade.

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