Uncharted 4 vs Uncharted 3: See the Huge Difference in Nathan Drake

"Naughty Dog has released a number of images featuring the Nathan Drake of Uncharted 4, including a startling image of just how much more detailed he will be in Uncharted 4 versus how he was in Uncharted 3."

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Assassingamer1361467d ago

Damn that is a big difference but at the same time it doesn't look like him originally

Abash1467d ago

Seeing his face up close, he doesn't look really all that aged like he did in E3. Seems like Naughty Dog decided against it and took a few years off

jjonez181467d ago (Edited 1467d ago )

Could also be the E3 footage takes place after Drake has been put through the wringer. On top of being given a few extra years between E3 and PSX he's probably been through far less at that point. Wonder if the story progression will be similar to UC2.

UltraNova1467d ago

Guys the demo we saw might be a flashback, hence the younger Drake.

Who knows really..

Army_of_Darkness1467d ago

ND just wanted to show their wrinkles on a face designing skills ;-)

Repjaws1467d ago

Its a pre Alpha build I don't understand why you guys don't get it.ND probably didn't have enough time for that 15 min long Gameplay demo so they gave Sony the Pre Alpha build where they didn't really work in the details.So just save your critiques and wait for the full build yeah?

ThePope1467d ago (Edited 1467d ago )

Why does everyone keep bringing up pre-alpha as its going to look 1000% times better. Sorry folks the E3 trailer that many of you touted as full in game is a cut scene at BEST. And if you think the vast majority of the assets seen in this most recent trailer are going to get better some how, you're high. I'm not a developer but name the last game that looked better at launch than it did at a big event trailer (this close to launch).

The next year will be spent fine tuning the story and the gameplay, and squashing SP, and MP bugs.

The game is going to be amazing and a system seller. I'll be playing it day one. But I'm so sick of all this pre-alpha BS, and people acting as if people knew all along that the E3 trailer was a cut scene. The hundreds of comments on the E3 thread on this site don't lie.

OB1Biker1467d ago

I don't agree with most people apparently :). Because I think E3 trailer drake didn't look that old (maybe because I'm older) but mainly just close up wrinkles.
Also please the E3 trailer is supposed to be in the game so it sounds fair enough to compare the same footage when game is released and not a completely different lightning, with Drake in the background like I've seen

Kidmyst1467d ago

Could be using an actor for UC4 that'll play Drake in a movie.

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Assassingamer1361467d ago

Lol why do I have so many disagrees? Because I said it doesn't look like Drake from the past Uncharted games? Get a life you sods.

SilentNegotiator1467d ago

Looks considerably different. Getting a lot closer to the uncanny valley there.

yewles11467d ago

"Getting a lot closer to the uncanny valley there."

...just to be sure--and I DO apologize for being a jerk--but I hope you realize that was NOT a compliment you just gave.

SilentNegotiator1467d ago (Edited 1467d ago )

I thought approaching the uncanny valley was not negative, being IN the uncanny valley was negative.

yewles11467d ago (Edited 1467d ago )

Approaching the valley is lessening the immersion, basically. The valley is represented 'not' as a gap needing to be crossed, but as a trap needing to be avoided, in simpler terms.

N4GDgAPc1467d ago (Edited 1467d ago )

Actually @SilentNegotiator is right. Uncanny Valley is a term used for 3d animation. When you start animating a character you get something is off and fake about it. Its usually because of the eyes. Still images now is easy to make it Uncanny Valley but animation is very hard.

Now that I reread what he said yes that would be a negative. You want out of the Uncanny Valley to be realistic.

Pandamobile1467d ago (Edited 1467d ago )

Yeah, you don't want to be in the uncanny valley. The uncanny valley is the bad part of the graph where human reactions to near-photo-realistic representations of humans are met with a psychological aversion.

Crossing the uncanny valley isn't really technologically possible yet in video games.

The best games can do at this point is get as close to the valley as you can, and then make sure it's stylized enough to not fall into it.

In a few more years however...

kingdomtriggers1467d ago

I don't really get the "uncanny valley" effect with Naughty Dog games because they choose to hand animate the facial expressions instead of mocapping the actors' facial expressions. To me, this allows them to achieve a sense of realism while also giving the characters just a bit of stylizing so that it doesn't look too real in a weird way.

Pandamobile1467d ago

That's the point I was getting at.

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Rimeskeem1467d ago (Edited 1467d ago )

For the people that say it doesnt look like the orginal. I have 4 words.

Age is a Bi***

They did make him look younger than he was in the first trailer.

thanhgee1467d ago

If you look at the other pictures, his eyes are the same colour.

Assassingamer1361467d ago

@thanhgee ahhh you are technically right I just looked at the other pictures. The comparison makes it look brown for some reason lol

Underworld1467d ago (Edited 1467d ago )

He's not that much older. He doesn't just look like Drake but older, he looks like a completely different person. I wouldn't guess that's Drake. They changed Chloe's and Elena's look in 3. Looks like they've done the same to Drake.

ziggurcat1467d ago

yup... no generational leap *whatsoever* /massivesarcasm

Rimeskeem1467d ago

I almost virtually slapped you

ziggurcat1467d ago (Edited 1467d ago )

it was a subtle jab at this dumb dumb article:

edit: oh, and i gave you +bub for funny.

BallsEye1467d ago (Edited 1467d ago )

Funny how they lied the original trailer was areal GAME LEVEL running real time.

"Our U4 trailer is an in engine real game level running on a real PS4,Paolo.Our trailer doesn't look good enough to be prerender CGI"

keyword "REAL GAME LEVEL RUNNING ON A REAL ps4" now let's go to recently revealed gameplay and compare. Oh not only it looks generation worse but also original trailer was 60 fps. Ahhh how Sony escapes with everything.

DevilOgreFish1467d ago (Edited 1467d ago )

You do realize that article was based around the claims that the e3 trailer was running on a ps4.

"Part of the problem here is the ambiguous wording used by Naughty Dog for its E3 reveal. "All footage you see in the trailer was captured completely in engine. That's Nathan Drake rendered in 1080p full glory using the power of our PS4 engine," said the E3 blog post text. "The following footage was captured directly from a PlayStation 4," pronounced the trailer itself."

The original statement.

And everyone took part in this belief. Consicqenty an other statement was made by ND before it was taken down some time ago that it was cg.

"Our trailer doesn't look good enough to be prerendered CGI." http://www.playstationgang....

That is the direction DF is coming from, they were judging around a CGI teaser.

ziggurcat1467d ago

"You do realize that article was based around the claims that the e3 trailer was running on a ps4."

because *it was*. and i don't see how they were being ambiguous.

"That is the direction DF is coming from, they were judging around a CGI teaser."

1. the E3 trailer was not CGI.

2. what kind of an idiot takes a *cutscene* from a game, compares it to (and i really need to emphasize) *PRE-ALPHA gameplay*, and then tries to argue that there's been a downgrade?

DevilOgreFish1467d ago (Edited 1467d ago )

ziggurcat - ". the E3 trailer was not CGI. "

specifically it was pre-rendered footage running on the console. they also claimed the E3 teaser was running at 60 fps which was changed to 30fps.

"2. what kind of an idiot takes a *cutscene* from a game, compares it to (and i really need to emphasize) *PRE-ALPHA gameplay*, and then tries to argue that there's been a downgrade?"

First off it was a teaser, not a cut-scene taken from the actual game, and everyone took part in believing this teasers was realtime running at 60 fps. There was no downgrade, the only thing was the misinterpretation of the teaser like a lot of other teasers.

Is this getting through to you at all?
............................. ..............................

I hope everyone knows I'm not trying to crush a little boy's dream of seeing such in game visuals. I'm just explaining the misinterpretation with lots of teasers. the real judging is when you play it and see for yourself.

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