Well, Square Enix, You've Done It Again: Now It's Comical

Final Fantasy VII on the PS4! Those words should've generated a maelstrom of tearful cheers but instead, the reality is almost too harsh to bear.

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Jdoki1262d ago

People need to let go of this obsession with seeing Final Fantasy VII remade.

If it every comes, great. But lets hope they fix all the things that are outdated (save points, clunky combat).

I'd much rather see 3D remakes of the old 16-bit FF games. Or HD remastering of FFVIII and IX. Or just have SE concentrate on getting the FF series back on track after XIII.

I loved FFVII when it came out, and I have great memories of playing it - but I don't understand this obsession with having it remade. I've played many better JRPG's since.

Jaqen_Hghar1262d ago

because it's considered by many to be the greatest game of all time and it MADE the PS1 the console to buy when it was released. A man isn't even a JRPG fan but this is sad to see fans treated this way. The outdated stuff is exactly why people want a REMAKE and it would be great if instead of sequels to 13 they would have concentrated on a remake and a new installment in the KH series or the FF series (like a new numeral). That would make a lot more sense than their weird current model. Just make FF14 and a FF7 Remake concurrently then KH3 and FF6 remake concurrently. Those 4 games would sell gangbusters and remakes you already have story and scenarios and the major structure of the game established you just tweak a few things. It's a lot of work compared to a remaster but not compared to a new release

Starbucks_Fan1262d ago

People were hoping for a remake like Zelda WW HD. That game wowed me and it was totally worth replaying again.

This FF7 remake is a waste of money.

kalkano1261d ago

"clunky combat"

The combat's great, as is. If they changed it too much, I'd ignore the game.

CaspuR1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

square enix is obsessed with not making money. they have 2 big games that will sell millions and both dont even have a release window (ff15 and kh3), both of which should of came out 8 years ago, but yet they have time to put of 3 ff13 games which are wildly considered to be on lower tier of the final fantasy games. I really dont get it. Look I understand the cost it would be to fund a remake of ff7 but I assure that it WILL be profitable for them, I will also assure you that sony would totally help fund a project like that just for the chance to see ff7 exculsive to there system again. but honestly I dont see how ff7 would cost more than any other triple A title. To me i think square enix is just afraid of ff7 and the massive expectation that comes with it. which is utter crap,

kalkano1261d ago

"but honestly I dont see how ff7 would cost more than any other triple A title."


Vgameman1261d ago

Because of its "huge world." I remember them saying that somewhere.

In other words, they would have to make something other than a straight corridor so it would be expensive.

Wah wahh.

kalkano1261d ago


So...something like FFXV...? They said that, then they made a game like that...

RPG12011261d ago

I do agree, one of the things that makes FFVII my favorite game is nostalgia and that extends to the technical achievement it was back in 1997.

Ever notice when they modify something it tends to piss off half the fans? I think that would happen with a remake, nevertheless I would like to see a current rendition; even if it sucks.

The only Remake that has completely floored me has been the 2002 Gamecube remake of Resident Evil. But that my friend was a labor of love from the original creators (not other people, who would make it happen)