Tekken 7 Producer Removing Lucky Chloe From US Release Following Complaints

One Angry Gamer "If you live in North America you won’t have to worry about having the option of even playing as (or fighting against) the new character in Tekken 7, Lucky Chloe. Why? Because a group of American gamers complained incessantly about her overt Japanese tendencies and felt she didn’t belong in the game; so the producer is taking her out."

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Snookies121170d ago (Edited 1170d ago )

Wow, I thought she was kind of generic and uninteresting, but to take her out completely? That's really lame if true...

Abash1170d ago

So now we get one less fighter? Sounds like us US Tekken fans are getting screwed

BG115791170d ago

Because of a few, many get punished.
Even so, it's the faulf of those few, not the Nanco-Bandai. Stop complaining about everything. People should complain about important things, like day one paying dlc and such. Nanco-Bandai is/has been very good to the gamers in that department.

Why o why1170d ago (Edited 1170d ago )

I remember some ridiculing 'another generic cat girl character' es disappeared. It may not be related but some people should be careful with their wishes.

Seems she may be replaced. ........she reminded me of a female edy gordo with shorter quicker steps

Kidmyst1169d ago

@ ageeed, what will kill gaming is the whiny gamers like this. The whiny self entitled gamers who complain about the dumb stuff like this is getting old fast.

abstractel1169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

I actually thought she was cute. Yeah, the cleavage is unnecessarily big but she's like a caricature. Like Paul with his weird ass hair. Or that Robot girl. I'm really boo'ing the decision the remove her for the US release.

After having just finished GTA V, it's even more absurd. All the sick shit that went on in that game, but we can't have a cute/sexy girl because somehow that's demeaning? I don't buy that part of feminism. I agree that all should be equal, but damn if every guy in the game doesn't have the perfectly, exposed pectorals and muscle tone (except Bob) but somehow that doesn't put pressure on young boys while characters that are idealized put pressure on young girls. How does that make sense? Do they believe young boys are less impressionable than young girls?

I liked her, and I liked her moveset even more from what I saw in the gameplay footage.

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q8kik1170d ago

Maybe they're replacing her ?

PS4isKing_821170d ago

Yes I heard Namco is replacing her with a generic bald dude to suit "American" tastes. :(

Really lame Namco.

kayoss1170d ago (Edited 1170d ago )

its not Namco's fault. If anyone to be blame for this. Its the whiner and complainers. Namco just got sick and tired of these immature gamers who have a sense of entitlement. Next you're going hear "The new bald guy is stereo typing westerners, its disrespectful." Namco going to get tired and just cancel the game for U.S release.

xer01170d ago (Edited 1170d ago )

At least Rockstar had balls to ignore protests to GTA V.

Some people are ruining gaming as we have always known it and hindering peoples creativity.

Rooted_Dust1168d ago

They're not caving to pressure, they're withholding content and replacing it with an 'american skinhead' to "appeal" to our tastes.

It would be funnier if they included a cookie cutter blue haired hipster whiner character.

Zero-One1170d ago

"generic and uninteresting"? Says the guy who has Naruto as his avatar.

Snookies121170d ago (Edited 1170d ago )

How is Naruto generic? That would mean there are a lot of other series like it. You see cat-girls in Japan all the time. That's why I used the word generic.

Uninteresting is my opinion, just as Naruto being uninteresting to you is yours.

phoenixwing1169d ago

Not to get at you snookies but saying cat girls are worse than NINJAS in terms of generic is very much throwing stones in glass houses. I mean cat girls is something that's probably happened in anime in the past fifty years Ninjas are plastered in japanese media far more and used far more in american media as well.

Gamer19821170d ago (Edited 1170d ago )

LOL taking her out to add later as DLC more like.

kowan1170d ago

free DLC. Harada has never asked for money on his DLCs. Ever.

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Kamikaze1351170d ago

She looked pretty...dumb. Can't say I'll miss her. Though after that Twitter comment he made about Americans, I don't think I'll be buying that game anyway.

-Foxtrot1170d ago

Well they could of just tweaked the character so she dosen't look like a silly Japanese cat girl with a silly annoying move set

I mean the character model is fine, you don't need to replace her for a white, male muscle skinhead.

Just take the paws and cat ears off her.

krontaar1170d ago

Then she's just a generic girl. At least she is unique, doesnt matter if you like her or not. The people who complained are really need to grow up.

-Foxtrot1170d ago

I'm not saying make hrr a generic girl, just not another Japanese Cat girl.

It's up to them to give her a fitting Tekken style

Zero-One1170d ago (Edited 1170d ago )

What, you hate her because she's too light-hearted or something? Also, how in the hell is she not of the "Tekken" style. But a fucking panda bear, kangaroo, some practice dummy and the fit the bill? As far as i'm concerned, the Russian android girl with chainsaws for arms and rocket-booster is more zany than this.

Baka-akaB1170d ago

I'll play devil's advocate ... most people arent claiming that tekken is solely realistic and dont feature goofballs or even sexy tease characters ...

But it is sometimes annoying and disheartening to see some of the recent roster addition choices , when many fans keeps hoping for the inclusions of still missing martial arts .

Some get there once everywhile , but look at the most recent tekken 6 to tag 2 then revolution new characters ... supernatural stuff , idol stuff and goofy stuff have taken over a lot lately .

Out of the last 10 added tekken characters , there was but a few , something like 4 that are "serious" or with at least an existing martial art within their fighting styles .

bear , dinos , robots and demons and copie characters , were still more of a minority and fun additions .

And out of the currently 3 new characters , we solely got so far one Savate fighter surrounded by some idol and an exorcist .

Now of course some are going rabbid , and overboard sadly , but i can understand some eyes rolling from a few fans from all culture

Baka-akaB1170d ago

Or she could just stay as intended . Quite frankly i'm betting i'll dislike the character just like , i can't stand Alisa ...

however why should me preferences decide to the point of censorship what's in the game or not when it comes to characters , especially with so many to choose ?

Tito081169d ago

The way I see that character, she looks along the lines of Alisa, who doesn't have an outfit that could fit the game, but there's a good reason why they made her that way, and it's sad the gaming community is complaining about little things when there are bigger issues in the gaming business that they seem to ignore that potentially affect our wallets, this is why I hate when devs ask for gamer feedback when we don't know if said gamer is a casual, noob, a fake fan or simply a troll, they should focus on making the best game they could, I can't simply complain to the gaming industry without their nitpicky communities, smh.

jrshankill1169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

I seriously wonder how you have so many bubbles. This isn't the first ridiculous post you have made.

It is a fighting game with a huge roster. Pick someone else.

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Magnus1170d ago (Edited 1170d ago )

Well now that's a shame there are dumber chracters in other fighting games. Im still getting his new Tekken game.

HammadTheBeast1169d ago

People said it was too Japanese and "generic" and said her fighting style was annoying.

Kalebninja1168d ago

that's incredibly disrespectful to say it was too Japanese. I mean people need to think before they say things.

AHall881168d ago


It seems that SJW only care about women, minorities, homos, and lady boys. They don't care about anyone else.

Just kidding, ...maybe.

But it does seem like people have no worries about offending Japanese or other Asians more so than any other group of people.