Destiny New Expansion Countdown Has Begun on ps4

The PlayStation 4 version of Bungie's online multiplayer FPS Destiny is currently unplayable for a handful of users who have purchased the upcoming PlayStation-exclusive expansion The Dark Below, reports from Reddit indicate.

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LordMaim1142d ago

God, this is the third damn article I've seen on this "issue" in the past three days. Ironically the original article was cited as the duplicate of the article that came later, and removed.

LionelShelton1142d ago

does it to purchase must???

hernadanz1142d ago

what about xbox destiny expansion, any idea????

Kingoftherodeo1142d ago

same time dude tuesday 4am est time.

carmenr1142d ago

a handful of users? what does that means...

rdgneoz31142d ago

I have the digital edition with the expansion pass and I'm able to log in just fine. I know a month or so after the game released I was locked out for some reason, but restoring the license worked for me.

p.s. Love how the bottom of the "article" is for power lvling / farming... Reps for a faction from 0 to 3 for 199 dollars and 3 days... Or $40 for 100 of a certain mat... Great site...

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