Factory Defect Bald Mario Amiibo Listed On eBay

No, Mario isn't aging. It's just this factory defect bald Mario amiibo, whose sideburns are the same color as its skin. The owner is selling it on eBay.

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Jackhass1294d ago

Haha, this is the best one of these messed up Amiibos yet.

Magnus1294d ago

Some collector will be happy with their newly acquired purchase.

Moonman1293d ago

Legless Peach, Bald Mario...sounds like Garbage Pail

RosweeSon1293d ago

People in the U.K might wanna check Amazon Germany .de I went on at the weekend and got the villager and kirby Amiibo with postage for £28! Bargain the villager seems to have sold out again now but kirby is still in stock (Auf Lager) for face value get in there quick... Also tesco have 8 back in stock including Marth!

RosweeSon1293d ago

I want an unhatched yoshi next ;)

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