Square Enix Christmas Surprise Offers 6 Mysterious Steam Keys

Square Enix have an interesting and unusual offer for UK/EU gamers this holiday season.

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Snookies121228d ago

Wasn't their last attempt at something like this pretty bad? I remember a lot of people complaining about the games when they got them.

Agent_hitman1228d ago

Mysterious keys? It's kinda fishy though, I don't SE these days.

lameguy1228d ago

SE: Alright everyone! Are you ready!?
Everyone: Yeeaaaahhhh!
SE: Alright, everyone open your boxes!

girlbrush1228d ago

I am not sure about that - yeah, it's cheap. But on the other hand for the same price I can buy a game I know I will enjoy

And basically I am not impressed by SE recent actions, so I guess I'll pass.