Rumour: Metal Gear Online Receiving A Beta?

Metal Gear Online, the multiplayer component of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, is rumoured to have a potential beta held sometime next year.

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2pacalypsenow1322d ago

I remember playing the MGO Beta back in 2008 , Good times

Me-Time1322d ago

Forget this rumor. It's not a rumor. It's wishful thinking until it's released to ALL.

DarXyde1322d ago

I hope that day one copy of Ground Zeroes gives some of us a little priority and favor, eh Konami? ;)

I trust you'll do the right thing...

paul-p19881322d ago

"Yay, a beta for MGO, I need to download it now"
*downloading....installing... .game start*
"Please input Konami ID"


TOTSUKO1322d ago


I totally feel your pain on that one


hkgamer1322d ago

i remember konami using p2p(bittorrent) to let users download the beta because the direct download from servers was almost always done or slow as a mofo.

konami ID was also a pain but if i remember correctly konami allowed players to register early so that on day of beta it would go a lot more smoothly.

paul-p19881322d ago

I remember the servers for getting a Konami ID crashed too lol. It was a useless system, but something Kojima couldn't remove as Konami told him it NEEDS to be added to the game.

Long story short, gamers get shafted by having to use yet another username on pretty laggy P2P servers thanks to the suits at Konami...

hkgamer1322d ago

if i remember correctly eu had open beta for anyone but US had a tight closed beta.

im worried that this time would be opposite due to it being developed in LA

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