10 Storm Cosplay Pictures for Marvel Universe

Here are the 10 Storm Cosplay pictures from Marvel universal.

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Hamzaali1174d ago

The quality of the pictures is too low please post them with good size and pixels

jasminlenovo1174d ago

hamzaali not like what you are saying see them again

thorstein1174d ago

You really don't want to see them again. Sorry, but Storm is a African American.

Stupid1174d ago

You should increase your glasses no.

Hamzaali1174d ago

lol i dont think . dont you see the post?

jasminlenovo1174d ago

Pics are just awsome and not a bad quality pics these are. but if a lil bit size of the picture you have upgrade than they will gonna rock

Sonyslave31173d ago

Storm is not African American but is from Africa tho .