Sony's Scott Rohde explains the lack of new AAA Vita releases like Killzone Mercenary and Tearaway

Scott Rohde, PlayStation Software Product Development Head for Sony Worldwide Studios America, explains the lack of new AAA Vita games.

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jay21315d ago Show
KrisButtar1315d ago

I don't think they are enough games only because they don't seem to localize the ones I want

theshonen88991315d ago

They literally just announced Resident Evil Revelations 2. Considering how poorly the Vita is selling, I'd say Sony is doing a relatively good job supporting it.

bouzebbal1315d ago

people are hypocrits.
They want Tearaway and Killzone like games? But how can it be that these games didn't have a huge commercial success?
If you want AAA, then start buying what's existing.
AAA games on vita are doomed to FAIL and it's because of people who don't buy them. AAA business is risky on Vita.
Freedom Wars is a great game that just came out.. how many of you bought it?

BattleAxe1315d ago


It doesn't work that way. Sony needs to invest in the software to attract new customers onto the Vita. Why would anyone buy the system to please Sony...

zeuanimals1315d ago


"It doesn't work that way. Sony needs to invest in the software to attract new customers onto the Vita. Why would anyone buy the system to please Sony..."

Didn't he just say that those AAA games flopped hard? And hell, the first year of the Vita was incredibly strong with a ton of great games that pushed the hardware, and nobody bought them. So Sony made plenty of games for the system, but nobody bought them, but you're insisting that they should keep making them because that's how you get people to buy them? Again, nobody's buying them, but according to you, Sony should still just send more AAA games to their deathbed on the system...

Also, there's a double standard for the Vita compared to other handhelds. People expect games to push the hardware to the extreme and when games don't push it, they get mad that devs aren't utilizing the system to its fullest potential. Problem is, it's not a good financial investment to make games like that if nobody's going to buy them.

Meanwhile, Pokemon, Animal Crossing, etc. games sell amazingly on Nintendo's handhelds and they don't push the hardware at all, they're also incredibly cheap to make compared to many other games. Nobody expects games on Nintendo's handhelds to push the hardware, but they'll still often buy it in droves (me included). So why aren't people fine with lower budget games on the Vita? Or why don't people start expecting games that push the 3DS hardware like Resident Evil Revelations more often?

Also, you've got to face the facts. Kids were the biggest demographic for handhelds, and now parents aren't buying their kids handhelds anymore. Kids are asking for phones and tablets at increasingly younger ages. The handheld market is gonna collapse and it's smarter to invest in other areas since the current demographic is fairly niche with only hardcore gamers really supporting these devices. Atleast consoles have casual gamers who also buy them for annual sports games, COD, etc.

mikeslemonade1314d ago

Just kill the system already! I own the Vita and I don't care for it.

PhucSeeker1314d ago (Edited 1314d ago )

Why would people buy the games they don't want? System has games people like, people buys system, system gets more games because of huge install base. I don't think 1st would do any good now for the Vita aside from God of War and Uncharted.

I'd suggest get 3rd party's help with famous franchises, Liberation had high sale just because it had Assassin's Creed in its name, the same happened with CoD Declassified even though the games weren't really that good. The crazy fans of the franchise will buy the system for the games. A title of the franchise so well-known it doesn't need to be advertised much, like Gta or perhaps MGS, i know i'm flying really high here but i think these will be the only Things that can save the Vita.

KrisButtar1314d ago

I bought my Vita in hopes that I would have a large catalog of games. I don't want Resident Evil Revelations 2, so why would I buy a game I don't want. I don't even like those games on consoles. The games I do want don't have English text and are not localized. I would scoop them right up if they came overseas. Looking at Phantasy Star and even some of the newer PSP games that don't get released in the west...even if only digital.


I don't own Freedom Wars because Xmas is coming up and the GF and the family needed some Xmas ideas as I'm hard to shop for. If I don't get it then I'll likely pick it up on boxing day sales.

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3-4-51314d ago

Vita just needs more Variety like the PSP had.

PSP has every genre and sub genre covered and then some....from start to finish.

Vita doesn't have that.

The system is awesome, the game selection isn't as good as it could or should be.

That being said....I'm about to play some Suikoden 1&2 over the next week, so yea maybe somebody should make more games like that.

* Where's the WWE 15 game ?

* Where is NBA 2k 15 ?

* What about NHL 15 ?

* A Daxter like game maybe ?

* What about Phantasy Star or Trails in the sky, or Jeanne D'arc....stuff like that.

It's slowly getting better though, and being able to play PS1 & PSP games helps a well as indies.

Masterchief_thegoat1315d ago

any games that come out on the vita will flop bad, won't make them profit. and I'm still waiting for a god of war vita game lol

HentaiMasterRace1315d ago

I wonder if it actually would sell better if you guys ACTUALLY ADVERTISED IT!!! Of course AAA games like those won't sell enough with general consumers not even knowing what a Vita is, or why they would need to own one. Lower the price to $170, and have the memory card's price as equal as any other SD card. Then start advertising it on TV and billboards as if it was a new system. That's the most important thing that they can actually do for Vita.

donwel1314d ago

There were some advertisements running on TV in the UK around black friday for the Vita, but now not so much again.
I honestly don't know what Sony is doing with Vita, the marketing for it is dire.

LOGICWINS1315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

I said this a LOOONG time ago and of course...I got mass disagrees. Every high profile game on a PS Portable ends up on the bigger console counterpart in some form.

Peace Walker, Chains of Olympus, and Ghost of Sparta were system selling PSP titles. What happened? They ended up on the PS3 with the MGS: Collection and GOW: Origins.

SAME story, different gen.

Tearaway...AAA Vita title. What happened? Tearaway Unfolded gets announced for the PS4.

Final Fantasy X and X-2...fantastic remaster. What happened? It will release for the PS4.

Persona 4: The Golden...the #1 reason to own a Vita. What happened? The sequel will be a PS3/PS4 exclusive. Why, as a potential PS4 owner would I even CONSIDER spending $200 on a Vita when I can put that money towards a PS4 and get the bigger/badder version of the best game on the Vita?

If the Vita fails, its their own damn fault. Just let the Vita have AAA exclusive experiences! Its soo damn simple. There would have been a FLOOD of new Vita owners if Sony teamed up with Atlus/Sega to make Persona/Yakuza Vita exclusive franchises.

The Vita shines as a JRPG machine. Let it be that JRPG machine!

DEATHxTHExKIDx1315d ago

Well X/X-2 are also on PS3. just saying.

HentaiMasterRace1315d ago

Tearaway was the only one, as for FFX HD, that was on PS3 as well. Persona 4 Golden, is only on Vita. Persona 5 is continuing because it's a franchise that started with PS1 and up. It will most likely have an enhanced port of some sort on Vita in 2-3 years. I can see where you're going with this though.

SpiralTear1315d ago

Considering that Sony is porting Tearaway to PS4, I'm kinda surprised that Sony hasn't ported Uncharted: Golden Abyss in some way (fun game).

Inception1315d ago

Peace Walker, Chains of Olympus, and Ghost of Sparta came to console after spending 2 years as PSP exclusive. They also sold pretty good on PSP. So there's not much to brag when those games got re-releases on console because they already did their job to boost PSP sales.

Media Molecule already said Tearaway vita and PS4 are pretty much different games. Not to mention you need PS camera to really enjoy the game compare to vita that already had a built in camera.

FF X/X-2 HD are also for PS3. But that doesn't stop vita version selling like 500k to 1 million copies worldwide.

Persona main title always released first on console than Atlus make an update version later for sony handheld, just like P1 & P2 for PS1 and P3 & P4 for PS2. P4: Golden itself still exclusive for Vita. You can't play P4: Golden on PS3, PS4, or other console except Vita.

So no, not every PSP and Vita key titles appeared on console. Dissidia, Gravity Rush, Ys Celceta, Tales of Hearts R, Freedom Wars, Danganronpa 1 & 2, Soul Sacrifice, Toukiden, Oreshika, Patapon 1-3, Persona 3: Portable, Jeanne'D Arc, Valkyria Chronicles 2 & 3, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, KZ: Mercenary, Crisis Core, and many more still exclusive for PS handheld.

"The Vita shines as a JRPG machine. Let it be that JRPG machine!"

Vita IS a JRPG machine.

ajkula1314d ago

By the way those of you owning a vita whom didn't get gravity rush, kz mercenary, freedom wars, soul sac delta, wipeout 2048, one piece red, malicious rebirth, Ys or escape plan, you are missing AWESOME time, then if you havent baught P4G, give up, you're just insane!!! haha,,,

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