5 Games of 2015 That We Aren’t Quite Sold On Yet

Fast forward to 2k14 and all signs are mortar to the establishment of another purple patch for video game software. Now that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have been on the market just over a year, all eyes in the community are trained on 2015 to deliver some truly unforgettable titles.

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Relientk771288d ago

I agree with Evolve, I don't understand why people want that game so badly.

Thefreeman0121288d ago

im not sure what people see in The order. Nice graphics but gameplay looks a point and shoot and we have only seen the same vertical slice over and over again

telekineticmantis1288d ago

I actually know people who are highly anticipating this game, I had to ask them the same thing(until what I've seen more recently). People are i love with the themes, Victorian era, Werewolf enemies(which is rare in this Zombie era), and the whole "league of extraordinary gentlemen" vibe(which I myself like). The gameplay itself doesn't seem innovative, but even the simplest weapons look to have a great sense of satisfaction, the Shotgun just tears everything to bits, the automatic pistol looks fun to use.

It looks like the freshness comes from the atmosphere more then the gameplay, but it looks fun nonetheless. The game can be great if it has the right elements, pacing story and such.

nucky641288d ago (Edited 1288d ago )

"same vertical slice over and over" - what about PS experience? that was new stuff. and people playing the demo there had good things to say about the game.
for me, I'm hoping "the order" has a great story. also, I like the weapons I've seen and I like they're incorporating real people from history.

edit: palitera, why come here to post such a cheap troll?

Army_of_Darkness1288d ago

The order has really nice graphics and an interesting storyline to match... as for game-play, they only showed a couple shoot out scenes totaling what?? 25mins of the entire game and you already think that's all it has to offer? we barely seen anything regarding the werewolf/ half breed battles, aside from that little clip a while back and you think its generic?? lol! if you can't tell yet, Ready at dawn is purposely doing this to not spoil the game for us. I'm excited for this game and I'm confident that it's gonna be awesome.

Rimeskeem1288d ago

Did you not watch PSX?

After PSX IGN liked the game and where it was going.

Thefreeman0121288d ago

@Nucky64 I have not seen PSX but i will try to take a look.
@Army_of_Darkness the graphics may be nice but how do you know the storyline? im not saying its going to be bad but I just havent seen enough from it to be excited over it.

BitbyDeath1288d ago

The worst thing about it - it's a shooter.
The best thing about it - Victorian era + unique weapons/tech + Supernatural elements


I cannot wait for The Order. The Order, Until Dawn and Uncharted are the PS4 games that I am looking forward to. I like intense high graphic, single player, story driven games.

I personally don't understand the hype for No Mans Sky, what do you do in this game??? I get that you discover planets but what do you do when you get there? What is your objective?? I don't understand what the hype is all about??

TricksterArrow1288d ago

I ask myself that everytime I see a new CoD, Halo, FIFA or Gears of War flying of the shelves like it's anything new.

Army_of_Darkness1288d ago (Edited 1288d ago )

How can the Order not excite you?? aside from the ridiculously amazing graphics !

Gaming247allday1288d ago (Edited 1288d ago )

Sony's games in general have been pretty lackluster so far on PS4, Knack? Infamous? Killzone? boring generic Games with no creativity at all, Infamous was pretty, Driveclub? boring and broken, and more, Sony has dropped the ball so far with first party in my opinion, then again though most of Sony's IP sucks excepts for whatever Naughty Dog makes, and even then i feel their Games are overrated, nothing excites me on the PS4 so i will have to agree that i don't have much hope in the order

the order looks to be a game you beat once and never play again, an 8 Hour interactive movie if you will

guyman1288d ago Show
Christopher1287d ago


1. I agree, I'm not into The Order yet.

2. But your assertion that it's just point and click is pretty much dumbing down every TPS/FPS if that's all you saw.

3. The whole video from the PS Experience was on a blimp... not anything we've seen before. And, it's just the tutorial level.

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Kingdomcome2471288d ago

Yeah, my excitement was kind of tempered after my time with the beta. That said, it was only a beta, and there's probably a lot more to Evolve than I saw. Homefront has been passed around like a hot potato. I hope it can come out the other side a good game.

Baka-akaB1288d ago

Well about the order , not everyone expect or want true gameplay novelty for all games . And thanks god for that , when it's rare and usually 1 game out of 20 ...

Sometimes an unusual setting and an appealing story and background can do wonders for a conventional title .

I feel like that with the Order . I'm sold much more on a potentially good tps in a steampunk/victorian setting with werewolf hunting over the usual space marine stuff or plain modern marines action

Dreaming-Art1288d ago

I've seen various gameplay videos of The Order. It looked so boring to play. Hopefully the finished product proves me wrong.

JonnyBigBoss1288d ago

I've played it. It was the worst thing I played at E3 2014.

No, I'm not kidding.

WeAreLegion1288d ago

Easily one of my favorite demos at E3. I played it four times.

I know it's not for everyone, but I enjoyed it, immensely.

Sparkticle1288d ago

*Something slightly negative towards Sony is said on N4G*

*Downvotes galore*

How predictable. I agree with you, though. The Order is probably the least exciting game on that list.

DigitalRaptor1288d ago (Edited 1288d ago )

It's fair enough that you say that. You haven't played it though.

Most people don't agree. The game won over 25 E3 awards.

And most media outlets reporting on the game, as well as people who were at PSX and reported on the new demo gave it positive impressions. People who were once skeptical, are now pleasantly surprised and intrigued.

Game Informer:
PS Nation:

GAF: ( )

The time where people could get away with baseless hate on this game is over. It's come full circle where people who have played the latest build are excited for it again. The finished product is looking to be something solid, with the potential to be really great, based on these new found impressions.

Gamingchange1288d ago

Still waiting on the 'next-gen' RPGs...It's been a year, and all I keep seeing is shooters

Sparkticle1288d ago

Man, just as you say that...Witcher 3 is delayed again.

nucky641288d ago

don't like dragon age?

OculusRift1288d ago

>inb4 someone suggests Da:I.

If you want a real fun experience that's not bogged down by political correctness or personal agenda don't purchase Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Let me take my wasted $65 and save you the time.
If you're expecting great combat, lower your expectations.
The combat is worse than Skyrim. All you do is hold down a button and fight the same recycled enemies over and over again.
Remember how Skyrim's main mission was like 2hrs long? Imagine that but spread out over 70hrs.
The story offers nothing in terms of quality.
If you're into spending time thinking your choices have any real effect in the world, you're sadly mistaken. All you're really doing is just clicking text, romancing girl/guys and making snide comments/badly timed jokes.
Side missions?
Expect to have an NPC say "I lost me Tresha ova dere go and get et" and you'll spend 10-15 mins running (or should I say speed walking(looking out for invisible walls and things you can't slide down) and you can't fast travel) though an area to fight the same NPCs repeatedly, pick or kill whatever pops out for almost no reward if your lucky or when you get there youll be slapped with a sub side mission to complete the original side mission. Rifts? Those are side missions in themselves. If you're not a high level character.. steer clear of attempting to close any rifts. Demons are always higher levels and you WILL GET WRECKED & DIE EVERY TIME.

It's almost like they tried to copy Bethesda, with like a more Skyrim feel but during creation they started adding a bunch of unnecessary ideas that didn't need to be there.
While the world is beautiful, and the graphics are nice, it doesn't cover up the fact that this game is kinda boring AF. I'd give this game a 7/10.

Dragon Age is whack, save your money and wait for a real RPG.

This is my opinion, IDC what you think. Disagree if you must.. As long as it helps you sleep at night. Also I feel like this game is getting really high reviews because one of the few games of come out this year that were not actually broken at launch(Side from a few glitches)

SegaGamer1288d ago

I agree, that list in that article was shooters only. I'm really getting tired of it to be honest. These days unless there is a gun, gore or fast cars games aren't getting much recognition.

I have had enough of shooters getting the most attention, it's frigging boring.

Master-H1288d ago

Patience, brother. Bloodborne will be out in no time.

juaburg911288d ago

Buddy,mark my words. Xenoblade Chronicles X. Its going to be the RPG of the generation to beat.

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Hamzaali1288d ago

(5 Games of 2015 That We Aren’t Quite Sold On Yet) what you mean by this title? i dont understand the title of the post :/

CorndogBurglar1288d ago

I'm not sure I understand your comment.

kurruptor1288d ago

It means they aren't yet convinced they will be good games.

Hamzaali1288d ago

oh . thanks kurruptor for info got it

u4one1288d ago

it means its their top 5 list of games that might not be that great but kinda too early to tell.

Hamzaali1288d ago

u4one you made it easy for me to understand xd

JustAnotherTruther1288d ago

Lol, the Corridor 1886 is a joke. Cancel them game and save yourselves the embarrassment Sony. This is the game that's supposed to challenge the almighty Gears of War?

PrinterMan1288d ago

I feel you're gonna eat them words. Just a hunch.

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