I Just Can't Quit [DotA 2]: Foreseer's Contract

Maurice Pogue from Geeks Under Grace writes:
“In my head I am a 4k player but the reality is that I am not….So right at the precipice of 3900 is likely where I belong despite my…displeasure. I know from personal experience and threads around the internet where DotA players gather that I am empirically better than a 3500 player, so a 4k player is probably better than I am.”

I published the above quote in August as I was mentally preparing for my annual fast from video games, coming to terms with my hopes as a DotA player and reconciling them with the truth. I did not want to give the impression that I was yet another DotA player suffering from the Dunning-Krueger Effect, believing that I am pro when in actuality, I’m a pub scrub. Still, I yet swore that I was better than my MMR indicated.

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