Sony: We're Working on Project Morpheus Experiences That Core Gamers Will Enjoy

Push Square: "Project Morpheus is looking a little EyeToy at the moment, isn’t it? While there are other players in the virtual reality space this time around, the whole notion of a gimmicky peripheral designed to run largely European developed games reminds us of when Sony launched its ill-fated PlayStation 2 camera peripheral, which never really had much purpose outside of party games."

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Relientk771349d ago

Sweet! Well I definitely wanna see what Morpheus offers, games and the VR experience

MurDocINC1349d ago

How vague, I wanna know how they going to render AAA scene twice at 60fps when they have trouble rendering AAA scene once at 60fps. Are they going to lower graphics to achieve this AAA games or is this just going to be a gimmick with tech demos?

ibrake4naps1349d ago

Uncharted 3 looked great in 3d last gen...

SpiralTear1349d ago

This is what will sell the device: substantial games built around Morpheus. I hope Silent Hills is Morpheus-compatible. PT with VR is a match made in heaven.

Rimeskeem1349d ago

VR for the core gamer?

sign me up

Kidmyst1349d ago

Excited what Morpheus can do and bring to the PS4.
If Morpheus was capable of taking any game and playing it while adding some level of control like FPS it's really help it's sales. I'm curious if it'd work as a screen to just play on. Like the WiiU pad, if the wife wants to watch TV I can play through the Morpheus or moving my head controls the camera in game.

telekineticmantis1349d ago

I'd hope so, all I've thus far are tech demo type games(although I think the luge game is creative, and can really be iterated on for a fun SSX tricky, 2 Extreme type game)

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