The Wonderful Legacy of Ralph Baer

IGN - The Inventor of the First Video Game Console Changed Our Lives Forever.

Ralph Baer died last Saturday. With his passing, the art and science of video games loses a founding father. His contributions to gaming, entertainment, and technology were incomparable.

An electrical engineer by trade, Baer's innovative genius led him to seek out new applications for existing technologies. He looked at the television, a device created for the passive act of watching broadcast programming, and imagined a more interactive purpose. He believed that by taking direct control of the light-generating hardware in a TV set and combining it with logical electronic processing, it might be possible to make a video game.

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Relientk771261d ago

As I gamer, I have nothing but the utmost respect for this guy.

Jackhass1261d ago

Yeah...where might we be without him?

Themba761261d ago

R.I.P and thank you for the best invention of all time

thorstein1261d ago

Great article! RIP, goodsir, RIP.

LightDiego1261d ago

A legacy that changed our life forever, thank you and rest in peace.

chrissx1261d ago

He's our great great great grand daddy. Thank u for changing our lives forever,for the better. RIP sir

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