Dragon Age: Inquistion: Decisions and Dragons

Technology Tell writes, "Query: If each of the three Dragon Age games took place in different fantasy worlds, would we sense any connection between them? If Dragon Age: Origins was set in Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time, Dragon Age II was set in Ursula K. Le Guin’s Earthsea, and Dragon Age: Inquisition was set in Terry Goodkind’s The Sword of Truth, would we be able to detect any familiarity between the three games? True, each has that distinct Bioware feel: the dialogue choices, the focus on character interaction, the trio of companions that trail behind you wherever you go, the familiar raft of Bioware bugs that endure no matter how many times they change the engine. I suppose the question I’m really asking is, if the consistent ideology underlying the series —the chantry, the templars, the darkspawn and gray wardens and dwarves and elves and arls — enrich the story or weigh it down."

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anticlimax1322d ago

If anything, i think the underlying societal ideas like elven racism/elven isolationism, dwarven caste system/topsider chasm, orlais elitism, ferelden human ambition weren't represented enough in Inquisition. The darker undertone of origins which showcased a world built on inequality had to make way for the all-uniting, all-accepting Inquisition. In the end (Spoilers) even the few opponents who choose their own ambitions over helping you, turn out to simply be seduced by the one great enemy and epitome of evil.

In Origins, war brought out the worst in people (much like in real life, the bad folks find ways to take advantage and the good ones become monsters to fight the evil that threatens them).

In Inquisition, with some convincing through Josephine or Leliana, everyone rallies to the Inquisitor. I felt like the game was really about fighting a) bandits and b) the aforementioned great evil, while in Origins there were warring factions and oppression in everything, even before the blight. (longest post in a long time)