Super Smash Bros’ Smash Tour is better than Smash Run

Technology Tell writes, "It’s a strange assertion to make. The two Super Smash Bros exclusive modes are very different. Each one has its own selling points and merits, so it may seem odd to try and champion one over the other. However, I have my reasonings."

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wonderfulmonkeyman1322d ago

At first I was skeptical about his assertion, but having read it...
He actually does have a bit of a point.

Smash Run, on 3DS, is loads of fun, sure.
Being able to journey all around this really cool multi-room world while fighting off a variety of colorful baddies and participating in random events and going into challenge doors, all for the sake of powering up for a final battle that might not even be centered around a direct fight, is a real blast.

However, the point that he makes, and that I agree with, is that the 5 minute time limit feels like a bit of a constraint.
Wandering around in that place, improving yourself and completing various tasks, is so much fun that 5 minutes feels like too little time to get the maximum enjoyment out of each round.

Smash Tour, on the other hand, flips that sense of constricted time on its head, as he well explains.
Its only demerit is that the board game style of it isn't to put it...exciting? Yeah, that sounds right. It isn't as exciting as the scramble to kill things and complete challenges as you go around the map with your chosen fighter.
To be honest, if Smash Run got rid of the constrictive time limit by extending it to about 10 minutes, or even a mere 8, then I think I would honestly prefer Smash Run over Smash Tour because of how much more involved it feels compared to running around on a board game area.

Or, heck, why not go a different route with Smash Tour by combining it with Smash Run?
After a pre-selected amount of turns, everyone would go into the Smash Run area to collect even more powerups, then fight a random match like usual, then go back to the board after the battle screen?
If they mixed the two modes like that for Smash Tour, I'd be sticking to Tour exclusively.