[Update] PS3 Trophies will have sound effect

videogamer: Just like Xbox 360's Achievement unlocked sound, PS3 gamers will get a Trophy earned jingle.

When the PS3 'Firmware v2.40 FAQ' went live there was a little disappointment amongst PS3 gamers when they learned the PS3's answer to Achievements, Trophies, would not be announced in-game with a sound effect.

Well, things have now changed. According to Sony Computer Entertainment's Jeff Rubenstein there will be sound.

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Domenikos3737d ago

No In-game feedback was lame, now im happy in every single way ^^

Time Lord3737d ago

The in-game image that tells you have unlocked trophy will be on top right hand corner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!

Fishy Fingers3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

Not sure if your being sarcastic?

I have submitted this as originally (last night) the Playstation Blog said that there currently would be no noise when Trophies are unlocked. I know this disappointed a lot of people, so I submitted this in the hopes of quenching those disappointments.

It may not be "big time" news but to someone, this is good news and warrants its posting.

Pornlord3737d ago

I think it's good news. I saw that post and didn't really mind so much, but it's a nice bonus. I just wonder if they are gonna have any program that enables you to change that sound to a, let's say, 5 second sample clip of your choosing? I only say this because, so far, they have been great at letting us customize our systems.

Lifendz3737d ago

I'd be jaded too if I paid for something the past few years that the otherside has been getting for free. All the had was "Live is better cuz of custom soundtracks and all the in-game dashboard access."

Now what'dya got? Oh wait....Fable 2, Gears 2, and....ummm....well here's to Gears 2!

Domenikos3737d ago

Wait wait... u forgot emmmm emmmm Gears 2 ;P

GiantEnemyCrab3737d ago

Actually Lifendz it's more like you PS3 folks finally get what 360 owners have been enjoying for free for the last 2.5 years. All these features you are getting do not require a GOLD paid account on the Xbox 360.

There are many more feature advantages to XBL than just these so maybe Sony will get them completely copied by 09.

@1.1: Agreed. This is stretching it for a worthy piece of news.

Bellic Jr3737d ago

GEC has a full tank of Haterade. WOOOW! LOOK AT ALL THAT JUICE!!!!!!

thebudgetgamer3737d ago

but it better be better if you are paying for it

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Darkiewonder3737d ago

That's good news. Just hopefully the sound isn't annoying or let us have custom sound ;D

SilPho3737d ago

A custom sound is the way to do it! Every time you get a trophy it could play a short extract of the Final Fantasy victory tune.

Sheddi3737d ago

wow what a great idea!! I would love that!

Homicide3737d ago

Having that sound from FFXII when you level up. That would be cool.

Condoleezza Rice3737d ago

I welcome the sweet sound of accomplishment!

gunnerheadboy3737d ago

The news is just getting better and better!

PirateThom3737d ago

A 20 minute guitar solo for every trophy you unlock.

Domenikos3737d ago

"Death Metal" guitar solo ;)

Tragedy3737d ago

...guitar solo for bronze trophy, 25 min drum solo for silver trophy and 30 min of random sounds for gold trophy.

Domenikos3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

You forgot 1 hour of random Opera for platinum trophy ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.