The Gamers Temple reviews Aces of the Galaxy

The Gamers Temple reports:

''Aces of the Galaxy is in many ways a throwback to the shooters of old. Hordes of enemies come flying at you unleashing salvos of weapons and you must 'dodge and shoot' to have any hope of staying alive. However, the graphics are decidedly next-gen and the game does add a few wrinkles to the standard gameplay for the genre. This coming together of old and new results in an interesting XBLA game, but one with its share of shortcomings.

Aces of the Galaxy is what I call a 'cursor shooter'. The targeting reticule not only aims your weapons, it directs your ship's movements as well. Move the reticule to the left and your ship will bank to the left. Move it up and your ship will climb towards the top of the screen. The control scheme simplifies things as far as eliminating the need to manage separate movement and fire controls but it also gives you less control - you can't 'dodge left, shoot right' in this game. Once you start playing you'll quickly discover that you have less control over where you can take your ship than it seems as first. The space setting of the game is filled with planets, asteroids, and large spaceships, but you can't explore these things. You're not really on a rail since you have a little freedom of movement, but you can think of it as traveling in space in a glass tube.''

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