Is Damian Wayne The Arkham Knight

Flickering Myth writes Batman: Arkham Knight is one of the most anticipated games of next year, having been delayed from its original release date in October 2014. With a fair few months to go until the game is available, the speculation surrounding the identity of the Arkham Knight is still underway. A few months ago we discussed five potential characters who could be the Arkham Knight; however after new evidence from recent trailers and clips mean that the Arkham Knight is not one we’ve mentioned before. I now believe Damian Wayne, the son of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul, is the Arkham Knight.

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TheJacksonRGN1347d ago

The developers could be trying to throw everyone off but they said he is a brand new character that they created.

04roacht1346d ago

I think they are throwing us off. If we wouldn't recognise him anyway why would eh wear a mask or have his voice covered? If he gets unmasked and he is a new character it wont be much of a reveal.

CorndogBurglar1346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

They never said the person under the mask is a new character they created.

They said the Arkham Knight is a new character they created.

It could just be the Arkham Knight mantle they are talking about.

I expect the reveal to have something to do with the Joker. Whether its Joker, a clone of Joker, or Joker's cloned son. Something like that. (I mentioned clones because the DLC had an easter egg with Cadmus Labs, which is known for making clones of people)

The Arkham games have all been more about the Joker than Batman.

Arkham Asylum: Showed the Joker in the prime of his criminal career. It really didn't focus on Batman or his story at all.

Arkham City: We saw the death of the Joker. Again, Joker stole the show and became the main focus of the game at the end. Batman was just there. Hugo Strange ended up taking a back seat as the big bad.

Arkham Origins: This was more of a Joker origin story than anything else, as we saw what he did before he became the Joker, as well as how he became the Joker. Nothing was really focused on Batman, even in this origin game.

The Arkham games have basically just shown the progression of Joker's career, from origin, to death. Batman was always just kind of there to stop him. In all honesty, as far as story goes, they could have replaced Batman with any superhero and the stories wouldn't change that much.

Having said that, I find it hard to believe that the final game in the series will not have anything to do with him. I fully expect the identity of the Arkham Knight to have something to do with Joker's legacy.

morganfell1346d ago

Excellent points. Arkham Knight may end up being far less prominent than the trailers have led us to believe with Scarecrow eventually moving into the main spotlight as the head villain.

BenqMagician1347d ago

Well that would make batman really old wouldn't it?

04roacht1346d ago

Not necessarily. If say Damian Wayne is 16 and Talia was pregnant with Damian when Bruce was 20 or 25 then this Batman is only 36-41. I don't think that is far fetched at all. Ill tell you the Batman in the games is certainly not in his 20s

Ezz20131346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

Do you know that Batman went into lazarus pit 2 or 3 times in comics ?!
i think he's might even be in his early 30s because of that

SniperControl1346d ago

Lol, thats what i thought it said as well........ I was thinking Damon Waynes as the Batman... WTF!

WeAreLegion1346d ago

I'd pay so much to see that movie.

He played Blankman!

MasterD9191346d ago

Gamestop's pre-order seems like a spoiler for who it may be...Especially since the Arkham Knight uses those same two pistols.

ZombieKiller1345d ago

MasterD has it right I bet. The preorder bonus of playing as the Red Hood is to throw us off. I personally believe it's Jason Todd.
1) Tim Drake is Robin at this point
2) He wants revenge for SOMETHING
3) He's cocky, young, brash and headstrong (JUST LIKE JASON)
4)Up until this point (like someone stated before) I don't think they would make the man in the mask someone brand new. Although the AK is a new character (I see what you did there Rocksteady) they wouldn't disguise his voice for no reason. Unless what I read in the reddit leak was true (which I regret because if it's true the story is amazing) .
50 Finally (not TOO big of a reveal) but the whole "father/son" thing in the first trailer says something about family and how important it is which was something Jason WAS ALWAYS jealous of: His relationship with the other Robins

Maybe it's Jason Todd :)

MasterD9191345d ago

Very true, ZK. Jason Todd in the comics also was notorious for taking the law into his own this case, he is. The Joker was the main enemy of Arkham City, not Huge Strange. Just like Scarecrow isn't the main enemy, Arkham Knight is.

Damien Wayne would be a mere child at best. Tim Drake is the younger Robin. We've seen Nightwing in form already (Dick Grayson)...but no mention of Jason Todd officially other than perhaps some mild clues I've missed over the series. Who else would dress up as Batman and would want to take him down? It seems VERY personal as well. All signs point to Jason. Plus, his body style matches Arkham Knight's.

I will say that Arkham Knight totally reminds me of the Batman Beyond suit. I would not mind a Batman Beyond spin-off as the next-entry either!

ZombieKiller1341d ago

Either that or it IS Damien Wayne with a little bit of Titan to accelerate aging. I've heard some CRAZY fan theories. One guy said it might even be a resurrected THOMAS WAYNE thanks to Lazarus and a pissed off Ra's.

Who knows. Magic 8 balls says Jason Todd for me though! Either way, nice comment. +1 bubble for well said.