Yakuza 5 Announcement Shows Sega Hasn’t Changed One Bit

While at the surface it seems Sega is finally listening to their fanbase, this is the same thing that happens every time.

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ValKilmer1137d ago

Seriously, Sega can bugger off. I'm not showing them gratitude for finally releasing this games after screwing us over for two years. They're probably just desperate for cash after the failure of like half their line-up this year and are trying to milk us.

Snookies121137d ago

They probably do need money after the Sonic Boom disaster.

Relientk771137d ago

I was gonna say that lol

Gwiz1137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

True,i was genuinely surprised about Alien Isolation but then again after CM there was no way but UP for them.It's good news to see this franchise hit the Westerh hemisphere after a long time of absence only one must question..
Why now?.

Dir_en_grey1137d ago

They really should just release Yakuza Isshin on PS4 instead of focusing on PS3 already.

LordMaim1137d ago

I'll show them whatever it takes to get more Yakuza localized.

Inception1137d ago

That's the spirit! ^^

After tons of petition and request for 2 years, we Yakuza fans finally will play Yakuza 5 with english subs / menus. But some people like ValKilmer put his ego first rather than support the game :(

we4201137d ago

I agree^^ Us fans have been begging Sega for a western release and that we finally got it some people are complaining?!?!

I'm so excited for this and I hope we get Ishin and Zero as well, maybe even Kenzan.

LordMaim1137d ago

@we420: Oh my god, I would play the crap out of Ryū ga Gotoku Kenzan if it were localized.

Palitera1137d ago

Do you think any company do anything for a reason different than theirs?


FullmetalRoyale1137d ago

Screw them for giving me what I have been asking for, right?

I'm not sure I follow that logic, brother.

Could they have done more, and faster?

SHOULD they have? If people don't buy it, then they were right to not bring it over. This is our chance to either show them they were right, or foolish to wait so long.

firelogic1137d ago

Perfect attitude to have if you want more Yakuza games here. Perfect.

LordMaim1137d ago

I'd rather that you overtly put "/s" at the end, but your point is well made.

Inception1137d ago

Than at least show the gratitude to sony, especially to Gio Corsi and his 3rd party production team, because they listened to their fans and forced sega to localize this game!

Also, if you want more Yakuza games to get localize than you better buy Yakuza 5. Because by not buying Yakuza 5 than you will sent the wrong message to sony / sega.

LordMaim1137d ago

Unfortunately that's why I bought Yakuza Dead Souls, but I will absolutely not regret the next numbered title in the series. I'm literally giddy with the prospect of returning to a non-zombie infested Kamurocho.

GameDev11137d ago

"They're probably just desperate for cash after the failure of like half their line-up this year and are trying to milk us."

Actually if you attempted to use reasoning before writing an opinion piece like you usually fail to do. You will notice the reason Yakuza games made it to the west was because of Sony third party relations which was just built up, going for #Buildingthelist where they take feedback from fans on what games they want to see third party wise

Ashlen1137d ago

Do you feel like that attitude will get more or less games localized?

Anyways my copy is on pre-order and it's the game I am looking forward to most.

Also: Thanks Sega!

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DanielGearSolid1137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

I want to play this game so much, theres no way i can complain how late it came...

Only tragedy is it wont sell well because ppl arent buying ps3 games as much since Ps4 came out

And they might use that as an excuse... Yakuza Ishin wouldve made the most sense

Or Yakuza Zero, simultaneous launch

Inception1137d ago

As long as sony / sega put some good ads AND all Yakuza fans support it with their wallet than i'm sure Y5 will sell well and became the bridge for Ishin, Zero, or any Yakuza games to get localize.

Summons751137d ago

Probably not but I will finally get to play it.

BranWheatKillah1137d ago

I really don't care that it is arriving late. The series doesn't sell well here and it's generous of them to even take the time to bring it over.

I'll happily pick up my copy.

DarXyde1137d ago

Still waiting for Valkyria Chronicles 3's official localization, SEGA.

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